Do you buy lottery tickets?

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Yes every week 2 lotto and 2 euro for me and my wife.
We receive fairly regular wins,though not enough to cover the cost, but if you knew of 2 separate people as we do who have won jackpots and changed their life you would do as we do and risk a small amount just in case. Assuming you could afford it

complete and utter waste of money got more chance of kissing the pope than winning this another government fiddle

Been buying tickets for 7 yrs had the odd £10
but there are so many options ,and to many draws
If you play regular numbers ie the same each week , there is a big chance you miss the time you cannot be bothered, I only wish I could change to Lucky Dips


I buy all my tickets online.

The odds against winning are huge.......and if I did win it could easily ruin my life, there have been many publicised instances of this.
An answer to both these problems is simple.....change the lottery to many smaller prizes, not one big prize each week.......the odds would reduce a lot and a more modest win would be unlikely to change any body's life style too much.
Regards Gary Owens.

I considered that the lottery was introduced as an extra tax to pay for services that should me funded from government revenue.
The purchase of the Churchill Papers was a scandle and should not have been permitted by the lottery commissioners.

In a moment of weakness I purchassed additional premium bonds. No big prizes so far.

Realistically I know I have no chance of winning but you do have to be in it to win it and I have absolutely no other way to get away from the drudgery of a 9-5 existence until the day I manage to retire, so I try.....

I no I have no chance in winning anything, I never win anything above £10, yes its a waste of my money, put if you dont play you wont win......I only play the Euro Millions.