Is cash still king?

Yes - I will continue to keep my savings in cash
20% (9 votes)
Yes - but I am looking to move some of my savings into low-risk investments
39% (17 votes)
No - I have some cash savings but most of my money is invested
25% (11 votes)
No - interest rates are too low to bother with cash so I've boosted my returns elsewhere
7% (3 votes)
I have no money to spare for savings or investments
9% (4 votes)
Total votes: 44

Your Comments

I don't think cash is king but I am still restricted to saving rather than investing because i simply don't want to have to tie up my money for to long. i wonder how many people have chnaged their view on cash v investment, so are people now looking to move cash in to a investment or bonds or similar?

Cash is king for us as we have an offset interest only mortgage with First Direct - fixed for 5 years in August - arrgghhh and ouch but at least we know where we stand and every little bit of unspent money for however short a period is having an effect on the monthly payment we make.  It is not a fixed monthly payment as such but we have fixed it, no matter what the actual amount should be!  So that is why cash is king to us right now.

It is now a waste of time to save Cash, you will not gain by holding Cash anymore, infact it could cost you dearly. The Government does not wish to pay Interest on its large Bank loans, nothing to do with the Mortgage market.

Although interest rates are low it is still better than sticking it under the mattress. Also if (like me) you have a Stocks and Shares Maxi ISA it will have taken a battering but on the bright side I am getting more units for my monthly investment and will hopefully benefit when things improve.

Although interest on savings is abysmal, my interest-only mortgage repayment with NR has reduced a lot, so I suppose I can't have it both ways. The monthly repayment is now lower than it was on my NR special deal of 2 years back. Not that it was ever that special, considering the high up-front fees I had to pay.