Are you worried about rising energy prices?

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I was going to stick with British gas as the others will all increase there prices eventually but after reading about the huge profits I'm going on uswitch to find a cheaper supplier as soon as possible.

British Gas phoned me after i sent an e-mail about rip of prices,there need to exploit there monopoly position and the impact of prices on the elderly.The conversation consisted of denial of profiteering,how they look after those less fortunate and free insulation thats available.He also said how they had to increase due to rising wholesale price on the world market.Somebody will die this winter due to cold but for British Gas business is business and with no brake on what they can charge we are at their mercy,they know it and are taking advantage of being untouchable!

I am really worried as living on pension credit means I am on a strictly limited income. What will I and many others do while British Gas adds to its profits.

I am on a fixed pension income, and I have just had solar panels fitted to try and combat the incessant increases in the energy costs, using my savings to do so. When I look at the exorbitant profits currently being made by the energy companies, I despair at the antics of Ofgen, they seem to be a tiger without any teeth.

ScottishPower have just upped my monthly dd by a massive £50 to take effect from next Monday. I now have to pay £171 a month for dual fuel. I am a pensioner and I live in a 2 bed flat with no central heating not a mansion!

nationlise the lot of them

Total rip off, there was a period when british gas was not even paying for the gas from europe, but still charge premium prices. it all a total con.

According to Martin Lewis you should wait until they all go up. Then decide who to go with.

Beat them at their own game, install solar panels, not only do you get free electricity but a decent income as well. With a 4kw solar system I have generated 2600kW hrs since March.I have turned the gas off completely, heating all water using an immersion heater and installed an air conditioning/heating system with a 4 to 1 ratio heat output to input, ie 1 kW input gives a 4kW heat output. Result virtually no costs for heating or electricity and an income a a bonus.

We have oil and really struggle

If the idiots running this country would drrasticly reduce wind farms, which are allmost usless & only work at about 20% efficienty.[China & India wast all our carbon savings evey year] instead ''we are the greatest" attitude by Goverment penalises the whole population on our bills. You need 90% back up with conventional power creation. Last Decembers bad weather wind farms wer almost at a stantstill. Blank, Blank usless & we must pay for this waist.
All MP's should pay for this waist themselves.

Its all right having sites comparing the bills and the amount you spend but you need a site to compare what the firm is offering per therm of gas and also standing chargesBritisg gas around 25 to 27
Its time the Government clamped down on these greedy firms who are making the profit but it wount since the Government is taking a rake off as well under green rules???

Pure greed and this moneygrabbing government just stands by and watches it happen. Other European countries dont get price hikes like ours.

It's a crazy system, a company produces the gas and/or electricity and then sells it to a third party to sell on to the poor punter.

Why punter? Well unless you are a mathematical genius you will have very little chance of obtaining the BEST price.

Do you realise that the price comparison sites are all getting a commission from the suppliers?

If you try to contact the middleman direct beware, my last choice managed to drop my chosen plan in the half hour between me finding it and actually trying to buy it!

To be fair though they did capitulate and let me go ahead.

Did I get the best deal on offer that day? Who knows? the system is just to complicated. All I know is that I will only pay £1 a week more than I currently pay until next June

well I think one by one they will all rob us until we have nothing at all they may as well just turn back the clock to the 1920s when our parents were young. because that is how we will become -- no car can"t afford insurance,-- buying candles as we can"t afford the bill for electric, -- yea britian is now poor BUT they are building new bridges -- statues -- stadiums --ect -- as britian starves, I bet there is money poured into london for 2012, yes when you now go to such as asda a lot of items are now £1 BUT if they can sell it for that now & still make a profit how much were they all ripping us all off before, they are all trodding the working people down as usual as they have always done, BUT do they not realise without the working class they are also nothing, we are being taxed to death yet britain is sending millions abroad for so call aid, from ME being 5 years old selling baby pictures for a penny for our school to get aid abroad that is 50 years ago & nothing has changed what is going on. what does make me wonder is how can a immagrant can move into britian & within 12 month have -- houses -- shops -- cab firms -- etc, when I have worked ALL my life never had a holiday yet still couldn"t afford my own firm, I watch the news with all the people in other countries causing riots & I think that will soon be britian if it all carries on as usual, every budget us poor ones get a good kicking BUT how long will it be before the worm turns,

Quite right. British Gas is a huge rip-off; every time I've moved, BG has been the supplier - I quickly transfer away - they always ring and beg me to stay, I reply that if they cut their prices - No response........

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