Are you saving for your retirement?

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Careful monitoring of your pension, whilst keeping commission hungry financial advisers away from your pension is the way to go. My pension fund has grown by 17% per annum over the last five years purely because I have prevented greedy financial advisers from fiddling around with my money. Remember, when churning produces commission, IFAs will wish to churn.

Everything was going fine until I split up with my husband, then became unwell. I can now only work part-time and cash is extremely tight. I 'pay my way' without claiming anything from anyone, but I certainly don't have spare cash to save for retirement. My current employer is now contributing £60 pcm to a pension and I'm most grateful, but I don't expect it to equate to much, and besides which my contract is only another 3 years, so I will have to hope I can survive on what little the state may provide when I get to retire. ....worrying times