Are you happy with your broadband service?

YES, I've never had any problems
24% (71 votes)
YES, now initial teething problems are sorted
11% (34 votes)
NO, it's slow and unreliable
44% (133 votes)
NO, the customer service is appalling
21% (63 votes)
Total votes: 301

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Not happy with broadband service

My provider is Talk Talk and the broadband service is frustrating to say the least. it is so slow most times i just don't know what to do

Just tried to sign up to Talk Talk's 6.99 per month broadband, free for first 6 months, and home phone. What a nightmare! Talk Talk were supposed to call me on 20 Sept 2010 to take over the live landline from BT. No call came, so that evening I called them and spent about 45 mins on the phone trying to sort it out... To cut a long (very long ) story short, Talk Talk tole me yesterday that the offer didn't apply in West Wales and I could sign up for £24.04, for the phone and broadband service and a £80 telephone line reconnection. They just fed me a load of lies and misinformation... but like I said to "Luke" at Talk Talk, they managed to get my bank details right, and fast! I politely told them where to put their broadband. I then rang Plus Net and have signed up to them ... hoping everything goesmore smoothly over the next few weeks (with no phone and broadband thanks to Talk Talk .. or NOT Talk Talk!!

No, they are totally rubbish,customer service is dreadful and the broadband keeps falling over. I am rubbish at computers and am reluctant to change supplier as I'm not confident enough to set up a new one although I am now out of contract. Feel like I am trapped!
My recommendation, never use TALK TALK!

I signed up  with Sky who seemed mainly interested in me to taking their television package, whereas I was after a better broadband package. The signal now is so weak that all I get when firing the laptop up is ''pop ups'' from BT trying to get me to sign up with Openzone.  The whole system is awful because no one will invest in fibre optics etc. I am therefore downgrading my internet package to the minimum which means that I will presumably get more for my money as they surely won't be able to make the signal any weaker, will they?

My AOL server went down recently and I had a terrible job trying to get back on line. Most of the frustration was with the operators, whose English was fluent but whose pronunciation was terrible. It's a pity as the customer service is usually quite good. In the end I felt that If I had to go through that again, I would have to change my server as the English words were unintelligible in most cases. I am sure the operators find this just as frustrating and I did feel for them. But I have to be realistic ...

I applied for broadband in june this year with BT (who insist on 18 month contract.) They said there was a dacks line (split) and new cables needed. I am still waiting and the next update will be at the end of October, I am not holding my breath fot this year. Meanwhile I must do a 13 mile round trip to my library to check e mails (which they sometimes send !!) 6 months or more of a wait is not acceptable, but we are very rural

I know that it is not very trendy to use AOL and it gets terrible press (including Which Magazine), but I have used it for 10 years with no problems.
Why is the price stated by comparison sites for AOL so much more than the actual price paid?

I use Plusnet for broadband, monthly contract, never had a serious problem with them. Mind you I am only a mile from the exchange, but excellent service.

Had absolutely no problems until recently. I guess Sky's new broadband deal has had more than a few takers as I can see my 20mb line is routinely being throttled to 2-3mb at weekends.

I have been with Madasafish now for about two years. I have been mostly very happy with their service, but did complain about their prices and got a reduction on the basis of my commitment to them.I don't have any complaints about their service, as it has served me well.  

Talk talk customer service are a job and a very bad one at that cannot wait for my contract to expire latest fault was no phone for a week still charged and nor response to letter of complaint, a total shambolic company

I'm happy with BT but I thought the £20.99 was far too much to pay each month for unlimited broadband until I read the comments. It can be slow at times but on the whole it's pretty good.

I have been with BT yahoo broadband for years with no contract and no problems. I was then offered a better deal and free hub to go on a 1 year contract with BT option 1. Absolute nightmare! I have messages every month telling me I am over the 10GB limit and now paying extra charges. I still use the the internet as in the past and until last summer only had a 5 GB limit and never ever went over the limit. I was on holiday for half of August and still went over the limit and BT cannot advise me if there was any usage whilst I was away. They did however tell me my usage earlier in the year was around 1GB a month but cannot advise me on why it has risen to 15GB last month. It is a mystery why the usage has risen so much coinciding with the new hub and contract?

Very happy, never had a problem in four years. Only the price. Regular customers pay more than new after their reduce charge period. This should not be allowed.

I have used the Utility Warehouse fr years now and they have been great. Home and work!

My first broadband provider were NTL via cable and initially everything was fine. Then Virgin took over. The first thing that happened was the price rose - without warning! Then the speed dropped. Finally after three months of intermittent e-mail (usually none!) I gave up and switched to BT via phone line.

One interesting moment was when i cancelled. As my letter took four weeks to reach Virgin, I had to pay extra for cancelling. The post office, by the way, did deliver it on time, it was simply that Virgin customer service took an enormous length of time to get it to their Welsh office. Frankly I am rather anti-cable these days. BT has just launched Infinity locally and I am hestitating .....


We have got Virgin Media broadband for the last 4 years excellent service.

I am with TalkTalk and I cannot wait until my contract runs out shortly to leave. My line is really slow and I have numerous calls to customer services and technical support and spent hours carrying out their requests. (doing speed checks, unplugging equipment etc). It seesm that there is little or no escalation procedure as each time I ask who i am speaking to if that person is not ther when I call back it is all back to square one. The common answer i get is that my slow speed is due to the distance from the exchange, but my next door neighbour, who is with BT gets twice the speed I get (even at peak times and using Talktalk's own speec checker) I have simply had enough especauilly as they are now putting up their prices!

Half way through an 18 month contract costing £7.99 a month for up to 3Mb they sent me a letter saying i have to start a new 18 month contract and its going to cost £14.99 a month which i think is really taking the micheal so i phoned them up and cancelled it and just to top it off they took £17.93 for some unknown reason and last month they took out another £14.99 so i wrote them a nasty letter last week demanding they fix up and refund my money to which i'm still waiting for a reply This sort of thing really winds me up they can cancel my contract when they feel like it but if i wanted to cancel half way through they would charge me for the remaining months left Can they really get away with doing this I want everybody to know WHAT A BUNCH OF JOKERS TALKTALK REALLY ARE AND I RECOMEND NOBODY USES THIS COMPANY

I have PlusNet at my current home address and AOL at a house currently under renovation. Talk about chalk and cheese! In the 10 years or so I've been with PlusNet I've experienced only two brief interuptions to service and their call centre is helpful and efficient. I took out a short contract with AOL for our new house as they had a good value broadband & home phone package on offer and I didn't want to transfer my PlusNet account until we move in. BIG Mistake!!! The AOL service crashes with alarming frequency - I've been without the internet for 10 days in the last three months. When you EVENTUALLY get through, The call centre staff are polite and helpful, but vary hugely in levels of competence. They invariably take the line that the fault is probably at my end and, although I've become only too well accustomed to doing the standard checks (socket, filters, reboot router, reboot PC, etc., etc.) they are generally unwilling to accept that I've made all those checks by the time I resort to calling them and so I have to go through the same old rigmarole every time. On three occasions recently, they've been unable to conduct line tests because THEIR equipment is broken down! It is no exageration to say I've lost count of the many hours wasted on the phone to AOL support. In the 12 months I've been with them, I must have called at least 10 times, of which the fault was at my end (router they supplied) only twice but getting to the point that they accept the problem is with them is like pulling teeth! Fortunately, we'll be moving soon and so it will be with a HUGE sigh of relief that I ditch AOL and transfer over my account from good old PlusNet!

Reading the above TALK TALK is a NO GO!

I've been with o2 home broadband for nearly three years now and I find that not only do I get good customer service but it's been great value for money, my husband does a lot of online courses and my son is a student with a computer of his own, and even if both of them are online there's no problems. it gets plenty of use too, a friend of mine on Virgin, however has more time offline than on, and as her package includes her home and mobile phones they are often unusable too and if  anything broke down, she has often waited weeks for them to fix it, so what if there was an emergency ?

I have BT Total Broadband Anywhere at £29.99 p.m. and Unlimited Anytime Phone at £17.78 per month (includes line rental) plus a mobile (internet and calls) which costs me nothing per month (I'm not a heavy user and the allocated free use covers all I need0. BT tech support is free. Superb customer service. No problems with any of the service ... A ver happy customer!

Using Onetel... slow an appalling customer service responses.  System collapses for days at a time with no explanation.  Not good (part of Talk Talk)

Iam with 02 Broadband & i've been with them for 18 Months now,to be honest i cannot ask for anything more,the service is the most reliable i've had over a period of 5years,i have tried Ntl,Sky & Bt but as far as i'm concerned 02 is far better that them lot.

The price when i started January 2009 was 7.50(GBP) that is after the discount of having PAYG Phone with 02 has been added and to be honest the condition with the Payg was to Top it up with at least 10 Pounds in three Months,the customer service is brilliant,its 24hours and you are never on hold for more that 5 minutes,infact with the Package is the 02 Broadband assist which comes up as soon as your speed is low/down.

In conclusion i've had disruptions for about a week,which was not due to 02's fault,but a Bt recabling service,for that Month my Broadband payment was waived for not been able to use the internet and since then i've had no problem whatsoever,infact this last few weeks i just moved my home phone to them (02) as well,as for value for money,you bet they are better than all those with series of adverts trying to lure people with their lies.


Talk talk put th price up to £19.99 without telling me from £14.99.....


PIPEX my Broadband provider for several years proved to be very unsatisfactory during the last 3 years although they were highly rated when I joined them, they cut off my phone service without warning and failed to re-connect it for several months costing me nearly £100 for calls with BT when they were included in my package with Pipex. Little or no response to my e-mails.

Finally after I left, they Dream up varying charges and when I refuse to pay they pass it on to the Debt Collectors who threaten my Credit Rating.

My advice is to stay away from TalkTalk. I was so glad that my contract with them ended and I couldn't wait to switch to O2 (which is my current provider) as I just couldn't bear any more of TalkTalk. Its speed is quite low (compares to O2), and it would be my lucky day if I didn't have any problems with Internet connection on a single day. Well, never mention its customer service or technical support line, as they never explain or even admit the falling over of my Internet, what they did was to blame my router for disconnection. My router, however has been proved many times working with no problem at all. I also had chats with my neighbours who are with TalkTalk, and the frequent disconnection of Internet is also the big problem they are facing.

I have been with O2 for 3 months, and I am very pleased with its service and Internet supply: fast and reliable. If they can keep the standard like this, I will be happy to stay with the company for a long time.

I have been with Plusnet for several years with hardly any problems. I can get technical help if I need to (but hardly ever need it). Would thoroughly recommend them.

Yes Talk Talk is cheap, but you get what you pay for, which is a very  very slow connection speed  if any, and the customer service is appaling too. would not recomend to my worst enemy. what narks me is that you have to pay a not so cheap fee to join and then another one to leave. why? just to swap a connection over in a junction box at the bottom of my street. i wish i had a key for the darn thing. id be a billionaire by now.

I am now with OPAL, my line can support 7617MB download, which is what I got with Freedom2Surf before they were taken over by OPAL.

My speed since the takeover is now 1\2MB, absolutely appalling.

I am completely happy with the BT broadband service - simple to set up and no subsequent problems.  I consider the price to be quite reasonable when taking into account the discounts offered for a 12 month contract.  After reading about the experiences of others, I'd never change.  Incidently, I cancelled my subscription to the Daily Telegraph when their staff phoned me to 'sell' the services of Talk Talk (even though I'm registered with the TPS). 

It pays to check out a ISP before making a commitment.I am with Plus net who have been excellent but only after having a terrible service from Talk Talk who are at best useless.

I have recently taken out a contract with Plusnet. There was quite a delay getting a new BT line installed and I was given a take it or leave it date - no room for negotiation - (doesn't Plusnet belong to BT?) but after that all dates were respected and the service appears to be good. You can see your daily usage online and even the time delay to answer customer service calls. One hiccup was that they provided the wrong wifi password for my router but customer service resolved this by taking over my PC remotely. Conclusion: so far, so good!

PS Always switch services using a third party to get cashback.

I have been with Talktalk almost since inception and I now find the company almost impossible to deal with, they will not put anything in writing and insisist on me ringing them back.
If it was straightforward to change supplier I would be off to try someone else!!
Customer service simply does not exist at this company currently.

I was with Tiscali for ages and eventually got TV.
I have never had problems with broadband or phone, and if the TV part of the package worked everything would be great, but therein lies the problem.
Ever since I got it I have had problems, it was only recently with the last engineer they sent out who told me that I don't have fast enough broadband speed to cope.
He suggested turning everything else off when watching TV, but that doesn't fit with a wife and 3 kids who have their DS's and IPods.
I am crap at getting onto them and 18 months or so after my first problem I still haven't sorted it out, but why, amongst all the links on their website that they put on for upgrading can't TalkTalk put on a link to downgrade.
Customer service depends on who you get, if you get someone, I have just been on hold for 50 minutes and lost interest.
I am now looking at Sky, what a shame because the package I have is brilliant for me, it just doesn't all work.

I started with Onetel and had 2 separate phone lines with them.When TT was set up by carphone wear house I went over to TT in order to get Broad band but left my other phone line with Onetel as I didn't want to take out another contract if I changed to TT. I have been periodically contacted by TT to get me to change but have refused for reason given above.

I suspect now that Ontel is defunct that they are not supporting this service you pay for and hope that you will surcomb to their need to absorb you into TT ON A NEW CONTRACT!!! When TT was first set up I had a lot of problems with connection and given a ring arround with first line service people.I was even told that they were initially a victim of their own success!
Thankfully forf thye past 3years things have setteled down but they are now becoming less price competitive. Time for a change perhaps?

I've been with TalkTalk for ages after switching from a very poor deal I was almost forced into. There were a few teething problems initially which were sorted very quickly and since then I've had 4-5Mbps almost all the time with very occasional downtimes - all FREE with a low-cost phone package and 40GB download limit. And they told me initially that I would get 2.4Mbps. So I'm VERY happy so far with it!

Interested to read of BT charging for exceding the 10Gb limit- they tried that one on me too and appear to not need proof - they appear to have decided they can charge what they like and the speed is so slow (we are an enormous 1 mile from the exchange!).
Despite stating they'd send paperwork they never do- AVOID AVOID AVOID

I had been with Freenetname (now Madasafish) for 8 years and my monthly premium was £4.83 and I had been reasonably happy with the service until, without any prior communication, it went up to £12.76. I had a look around at what was available and o2 looked like a better deal so I informed Madasafish that I would be moving and asked if they could offer anything similar which they couldn't.

I wrote to the CEO informing him of my decision and stating that if they thought that I was going to pay them £227 per year when I could get a more cost effective service for £74 a year they were very much mistaken. Shortly after this I received a phone call from Madasafish suggesting that they could transfer my account to Plusnet which was part of the same group for £6.49 per month which I agreed to do - I won't go in to detail about the transfer but to say that it was a little bit of a fiasco was putting it mildly and so I sent another letter to the CEO.

At the same time as the transfer was taking place my broadband connection kept dropping and after BT Openreach had changed the overhead cable and changed how my burglar alarm was configered the speed increased dramatically to over 5MB and sometimes up to 8MB - well I was very pleased and thought that I had found a good solution because now it was so quick and downloads were like lightning even the Broadband Speed Test was over in a flash.

Well I think that's what it was a "flash in the pan" because after only a week it's back down to under 500Mbps - will I write another letter - well the CEO never responded to my previous 2 letters so I don't expect that he will reply to another one unless it's third time lucky.

Been with o2 for 4 years superb customer service, no interuptions in service and download speed is what they say it will be. Very satisfied

Signed up with Tiscali which has now been taken over by TalkTalk. No problems with the service EXCEPT that TT has STOLEN MY PHONE LINE which was with BT and REFUSES TO GIVE ANY RESPONSE.

Their after-service is dire, to say the least. Promises, promises...never action, never an answer, never a response.

You can't even get to talk to anyone. You have to send emails and if you do, they immediately bounce back and demand that you inspect their "common problems" type of complaints. They are not set up to deal with things in person.


Going to BT probably. Or maybe PlusNet with a BT phone. Thatis if TT will give me a MAC within the next few years.

Had terrible customer service with Talk Talk.So many different depts,right hand does not know what left hand is doing.Nobody rings you or gets intouch when equipment is delayed or missing.They pass you to another dept or just cut you off if you have a complaint

After reading all of the above, I am glad that I decided to go with Plusnet, I am a low user very happy with the speed of 2 MB, which BT confirm is the max capacity of my phone line. I am rural and some distance from the exchange. I have had some minor problems always sorted very quickly and efficiently by their Tech team in this country so speak good english, sometimes with a yorkshire accent.
Would recommend them to anybody interested in a reliable service.

Big problems with sky customer service.Went without broadband for two months as their customer service could not diagnose the fault .Spent hours on the phone in the end my son asked for a new router for me which solved the problem instantly.Complaints department said they would refund my account the two months broadband payments,they then added two months extra onto my bill.Had a dreadful time dealing with them to put this matter right.To add insult to injury none of my complaints were recorded on their system so every time i contacted them they said that they were not aware of any problems DON'T TOUCH SKY WITH A BARGE POLE. TOTALLY INCOMPETENT A SHAMBLES.

Blueyonder (now Virgin Media) have been fantastic for over 15 years - unlimited down & upload usage too.

My Internet Supplier is Utility Warehouse Discount Club which I have been usng for a long time and never had any problems and they have also got a very good customer service as well.