Are premium bonds worth having?

55% (101 votes)
45% (83 votes)
Total votes: 184

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Better than a weekly lottery ticket but thats about all, have won £250 pounds all in recent bonds I have held some since introduction and have never won on those.


No definately NO

There's always the chance you could win a big prize, I have held PB 10 years and never won more than £100 in 1 go but I do get a small win every month or so. It's just a bit of a gamble, your money would make more interest in an ISA - however you wouldn't have the chance of becoming a millionaire on the 1st of the month!

Hold only £100,  and have won £100.  So doubled my money.

I could certainly get more interest if I invested but I look forward to getting the envelope every month or so. Just got one today but only a small prize as usual. Never won more than £50 but you never know one day !!

Had about £5000 worth for about 10 years up to about £5500 would have earned more in interest in a bank but can't wait to see if I've won every month.

Wife and I have held maximum for about 2 years. Returns were about 2% before reduction to £25 for minimum prize. Since then even less. Have now cashed in 2/3rds and put into ING and Citibank accounts getting 3.2% paid monthly. If remaining 1/3rd does not do anything soon, will cash them in as well. Always seems someone else gets the big prizes. Most won was £100 with any bond.

I have bonds for my 3 sons, would have made more wi dust under the mattress!!!!

My Wife and I now hold close to the max allowed ,over the last 5 years we have won over £7000 all in dribs and drops ,our largest prize was £500 so no complaints from this area.The cut from £50 to £25 was a bit mean but what else can you expect when all the finance houses are out to grab whatever they can in order to make more profit.So we take the attitude that this investment is safe and gives us (usually) something each month,and is available if needed quickly

Having had 2 small Premium Bonds since I was born, and never one a penny (I am nearly 45), I would say NO to investing in Premium Bonds

It is a reasonable place to leave unneeded capital when rates on cash deposits are so low. it is very easy to realise the money should an investment opportunity arise (especially if you manage it online) and you might receive a substantial win!

Have held bonds fo a considersble number of years.Have monitored loss of interest on capital invested over the period at rate of 3%%. The capital gain over the period taking this loss into account is £735 . qute pleased thefore with the return.As amount of prize money is to increase shortly will not be looking elsewhere.At present have maximum holding allowed.

I have had Premium Bonds for just over 30 years and have never won anything!!!!!!

If you were going to waste your money on lottery tickets you might as well buy premium bonds, at least you still have your pound! I have a lot and some years I have equalled the interest that I could have got in a building society but not recently as they are being really mean with the interest rate that generates the prize money. They could easily afford to pay 3% instead of the current 1.5%

NO waste of time

I have the max of £30k - £14.5k from winnings. Last year I won £5k and purchased a brand new car with it - which was nice!

Premium Bonds are excellent as all wins are tax free.
My daughter gets all the usual small £50/£100 and now £25 but has won one £1000 prize.
My son held about £300 and doubled his money.
We win small prizes on a regular basis the most being £100.

No - not these days with a nominal interest rate of 1.5%.

I've won in the past, almost always with newly-bought bonds in blocks of 100 or 200. When i stopped winning I sold my bonds and reinvested where the interest rate was steady.

I would never buy bonds in the hope of winning a major prize - the odds of winning are ridiculously long.

Been happy with return.Invest  my self-employed income tax each month for 6 months then withdraw to pay tax bill,then start all over again.I'm well in credit

I am surprised at some of the comments above. Premium Bonds are not an investment. Anyone who buys them for that purpose is niaive to say the least. The fact that the winnings are tax free is because the government regards it as gambling.

Compared to the Lottery they are definitely worth having. With the Lottery you get one chance for your number being picked, with no guarantee that any number will win. If you don't win your money has gone (potentially to a good cause, but I would rather give my money directly to the charity I am concerned with). Also the odds are better of winning something on the P bonds than the Lottery.

At least with P bonds you get an opportunity to win every month and can get your money back when required. If you want to invest, look somewhere else and don't complain if a gamble doesn't pay off!

I have held £ 25 worth of bonds for nearly 60 years, and have won nothing. 1.5% is very close to nothing, and I am thinking of selling. Tony

Dear Sir /Madam

Can you tell me how long it is .when you buy premium bonds ,before they go into the draw.?

Thank you very much.

Thank you for all the prizes you have sent me I love having premium bonds,.

if you dont like them why moan invest elsewhere

I have held Premium Bonds since 1966 and so far have not won anything!!
I vote No