Ahead of the General Election in May, which political party do you believe will be best for your household finances?

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To be honest, none of the above is really my answer.

I totally agree, but ukip is not the answer in any shape or form.

I agree that whilst I like the idea of the caop on Immigration, I cannot see any of the parties doing a particularly good job. My husband is disabled and I cannot begin to tell you the cuts that have been made to help us since the Tories arrived, but Labour seemed to be responsibile for the total financial mess in the first place so why should they be any different now? I think the Monster Raving Looney Party would stand as much chance now!


....but that IS rather a lot of UKIP votes.

Totally stupid poll.  Not everybody's vote will be determined by how their personal finances are likely to be affected - and anyway over what timespan?  

It will be a total disaster if Milliband gets in, he is an unreconstructed 70's socialist aka the Welsh Windbag Kinnock and we will be ransomed to Jock Salmon. If you value your purse vote Dave.

We asked which party would be best for your household finances, not who you will ultimately vote for. ie, we recognise that you may well vote for a party because you like its stance on immigration even though you might be personally worse off due to their policies on tax/benefits etc.