Platform One: Platform One Stocks & Shares ISA

Platform One
Account:Platform One Stocks & Shares ISA
Account features
Apply online
Minimum investment Min single premium £0
Min monthly premium £100
Investment range
Unit Trusts/OEICS
Exchange-Traded Funds
Investment Trusts
Index Tracker/Passive
Offshore Funds
Number of funds Unlimited funds available
Fees and charges
Max Initial Charge none
Max Annual Fee none
Free switches none
Transaction Charge Dealing Cost Electronic Fund and Exchange Traded Asset Deal* £12.00 per deal Electronic Regular Investment £3.00 per deal Non Electronic Deal** £25.00 per deal Dealing costs will also apply if the account falls below the minimum cash balance and assets have to be sold to restore this balance. Fund switches, including those between two funds provided by the same fund manager, are treated as a sale and a buy and will incur two dealing charges. * Where Platform One are able to deal electronically via EMX ** This includes non electronic deals such as Structured Product, Fixed Term deposit, notice account and posted contact note trades. Trades within a Model Portfolio are charged as follows : Electronic Fund deal through EMX - £3 per trade. Non Electronic fund deal - £6 per trade. ETF fund deal - £6 per trade.
Exit Charge none
Transfer Out Fee none