Pilling & Co Stockbrokers Ltd: Pilling Stocks & Shares Junior ISA Execution Only

Pilling & Co Stockbrokers Ltd
Account:Pilling Stocks & Shares Junior ISA Execution Only
Account features
Apply online
Minimum investment Min single premium £10
Min monthly premium £10
Investment range
Unit Trusts/OEICS
Exchange-Traded Funds
Investment Trusts
Index Tracker/Passive
Offshore Funds
Number of funds Unlimited funds available
Fees and charges
Max Initial Charge none
Max Annual Fee £70
Free switches none
Transaction Charge Transaction charges are as follows:- UK Equities, Preference Shares, Convertibles, Investment Trusts, Overseas Transactions, UK Gilts, Debentures, Loan Stocks and Unit Trusts/OEICS 1.65% on the first £10,000 0.50% on the next £90,000 0.40% on the excess over £100,000 Minimum charge is £10 UK purchases add 0.5% Stamp Duty Bed & JISA Charges Sales are free of commission, purchases are charged at normal rates. For sales of a different security to that repurchased Pilling & Co Stockbrokers Ltd make a flat £10 charge.
Exit Charge none
Transfer Out Fee none