How to get your pension forecast

The credit crunch has shattered many people's retirement dreams. In this episode of Moneywise TV, Rebecca Atkinson explains how getting a pension forecast can help.

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I had a police private pension but opted out of it after 2 years as i could not afford to pay in to it.I have now been told i cant opt back in i am 39 years of age and will finish in the police at 60 yrs old what is the best private pension i can get that would be similar to a police pension..

I am a 58 (+ 3 month) year old women who stopped work to be a mother and wife for 15 years. I am fed up with the government changing my chance to retire at a reasonable age. I missed the retirement age of 60 by one week and
like thousands of other women now find my retirement age keep rising.

When will someone point out to the government how unfair this is as we are
being treated fairly.

can someone stop this please. I want to retire in the next five years and not
8 years when possibly my husband who is unwell will have died and I would
not have had some quality time with him!!