Original: Credit Card

Card Name:Credit Card
Networks available:Visa
Credit Card
Rates & Fees
Introductory offers
Intro balance transfer ratena%
Intro balance transfer periodno intro offer
Intro balance transfer feena%
Balance transfer limit£0
Intro purchase rate0%
Intro purchase periodno intro offer
Other rates and fees
Representative APR39.9% APR (Representative)
Interest free period56 days
Interest charged fromdate of trans debit
Annual fee£0
Interest on cash withdrawals49.9%
Charges and payments
Charge on overseas spending2.99%
Charge on cash withdrawals3% of withdrawal (minimum £3)
Charge for going over limit£12
Charge for late payment£12
Charge for returned payment£12
Rewards & Benefits
Spending Rewards
Cashback Rewards-
Points Scheme-
Shopping Rewards-
Charity Rewards-
Other IncentivesRepayment Option Plan The Repayment Option Plan (ROP) is a financial device that allows the customer to effectively freeze their account balance in the event of a difficult financial circumstance or allows them to take a payment holiday should they so require it. A customer can add either ROP plan to their account at anytime (for an additional cost). There are 2 plans available to the customer: The FULL (for cardholders who are currently employed) or The STANDARD (for cardholders who are currently unemployed, student or retired), Both plans allow the cardholder to either: Freeze the account for up to 24 months or Take a Payment Holiday. FULL Plan: Costs 1.29% of the outstanding balance per month (1.29p per £100). If there is no balance then there will be nothing to pay. STANDARD Plan: Costs 1.19% of the outstanding balance per month (1.19p per £100). If there is no balance then there will be nothing to pay.
Cardholder benefits
0% on overseas purchasesCheck
Travel insurance-
Warranty cover-
Purchase protection-
Internet fraud protectionIf the cardholder's Vanquis Card is observed being used in unusual transactions or in a suspicious manner, Vanquis will call the customer to confirm if the transactions were authentic/ authorised.
Opening and managing the account
Application information
Minimum age18 years
Minimum income£4,000 per annum
Credit ratingSubprime
Existing customers only-
Additional account required-
Apply onlineCheck
Maximum credit limit£0
Account services
Manage onlineCheck
Cheque bookCheck