Take part in our consumer survey and win £1,000

When things go wrong at a bank, building society or insurer, they tend to go really wrong. That's exactly the moment when customer service teams should leap into action to solve the problem – sadly, so many organisations get it wrong.

Whether it is phones that go unanswered, callbacks that never happen, administrative errors or plain, old-fashioned rudeness, our financial services providers often fail us.

But many get it right and offer sterling customer service year in, year out. It's these firms we want you to vote for in the Moneywise Consumer Opinion Survey at moneywise.co.uk/consumersurvey.

We're offering £1,000 to one lucky reader who completes the survey along with five lots of £100 M&S shopping vouchers. Plus, everyone who takes part will be eligible for a free copy of Moneywise magazine.

Now in its sixth year, the survey asks you to vote for the financial providers you rate most highly, based on the customer service experience you've had, so we can discover who are Britain's most trusted companies. Great customer service breeds trust, and both are particularly important in the financial sphere because money and livelihoods are at stake.

More than 20,000 of you completed our survey last year and we'd like even more of you to come forward this year and rate those companies you think offer service with a smile – or those that have disappointed you.

Customer Service Awards

The results of the survey form the basis for our Moneywise Customer Service Awards, which promises to be bigger and better in 2014. Last year, one financial services firm stood head and shoulders above the rest: Yorkshire Building Society. It was voted the most trusted provider overall for the first time in the awards' history.

You also voted for NatWest as your most trusted mainstream bank, showing that any organisation can overcome its trials and tribulations to win back trust from customers.


Get involved

This year we not only want you to take part in our survey by voting at moneywise.co.uk/consumersurvey, we want you to help spread the word and get even more consumers voting for the best and worst companies for customer service.

You can use Twitter to tell your followers about our online survey, using the hashtag #Moneywisesurvey. Also, why not post the link on your Facebook or Google+ page, again inserting the hashtag #Moneywisesurvey.