Half of Moneywise users would like the option to switch water provider

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Over half of Moneywise.co.uk users (53%) would like the option to switch water provider, our latest poll results have found.

Currently, you have to stick with the water provider that services your local area.

But a recent report from industry regulator Ofwat highlighted how households could save £8 per year if competition was introduced, while it could also improve competition.

The government will now decide what to do.


Nearly three in ten (27%) of the 664 Moneywise users who voted in our latest poll, would like the option to switch water provider to save on their bill.

And while a further 26% of Moneywise users aren’t interested in a saving of £8 per year, they would like the option to switch provider for other benefits, such as improved customer service.


In contrast, 45% of those who voted said they’re not interested in switching water provider – 36% said this is because the £8 annual saving is too small, while 9% said that even if the saving was larger they think the market works fine as it stands. 

See the full results in the pie chart below (click to enlarge).

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Good to know that the majority of subscribers are keen to have the option to switch their current water retailer, but don't forget that if you're the owner of a micro or small business - or any non-household business - you will be able to switch in six months' time - from April 2017. You can find out more at www.open-water.org.uk.

Hi MOSL Staff, thank you for your helpful comment. We featured it on the Letters page of our November 2016 magazine edition, as it raises a good point for small business owners.