Savings update: top easy-access deal slips below 1%

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Banks and building societies have been busy cutting rates since the Bank of England cut base rate to 0.25% earlier this month. Even the top easy-access account now pays less than 1% after tax.

That deal, French-owned RCI Bank's Freedom account, has cut its rate to 1.2% before tax (0.96% after tax). With this account you are covered by the European compensation scheme, which gives €100,000 (£86,000) worth of cover is the bank goes bust, and not the UK scheme. Internet bank Shawbrook pays 1.1% (0.88%).

On the high street the top rate is 1.05% (0.84%) from Virgin Money's Manchester United Red Devils account and 1% (0.8%) from Coventry BS.


Check all rates before committing

Top one-year fixed rate deals include 1.45% (1.16%) from Swedish Bank Ikano - where, as with RCI Bank, you are covered by the European scheme if the bank runs into trouble.

Hampshire Trust and Paragon banks both pay 1.35% (1.08%) while on the high street the best deal is 1.2% (0.96%) from Virgin Money.

For two years you can earn 1.65% (1.32%) with both Ikano and Paragon banks. The top high street rate is 1.35% (1.08%) from Kent Reliance or 1.25% (1%) from Leeds Building Society.

On tax-free cash Isas new savers can earn 1.1% with Coventry Building Society easy-access account while the best one-year fixed rate deal comes from Shawbrook Bank at 1.3%. For two years Paragon Bank pays 1.35%.

Check all rates before committing your money. Rates are extremely fluid and can change at any time.

This article was originally written for our sister magazine, Money Observer.

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