BT customers to be hit with up to 25% price hikes this summer

BT building

BT customers will see the price they pay for a host of services, including line rental, broadband, home phone, TV and BT Sport, hiked this summer.

Some, such as those with BT Sport HD, will see prices rise by as much as 25%. 

But BT adds that other product prices will remain the same, while some will fall. Its Entertainment Plus TV package, for example, will fall from £10.65/month to £10/month.

The telecoms provider isn’t alone in increasing prices. Virgin Media confirmed this week that it’s upping the prices of Sky Sports and Sky Movies as a direct result of Sky increasing wholesale costs.

Virgin Media upped the price of line rental, home phone, broadband and TV from 1 February this year.

Meanwhile we reported in March how Sky TV customers will be hit with price hikes from 1 June – it says the average price rise is “less than £3/month”.


Scroll down to the end of this story to see the key price rises coming in from 3 July – customers are being sent letters detailing their exact changes.

Can I cancel my contract?

If you’re unhappy about the BT price hikes you can leave penalty free, as long as you contact BT within 30 days of receiving your notification detailing the price rises.

If you still want to stick with BT try haggling. Threatening to leave – be nice about it of course, aggression will get you nowhere – and then haggling for a discount to stay with it is a trick that’s worked well for many.

Why are BT prices rising?

John Petter, chief executive of BT Consumer, says: “It is clear that customers want better service and that is what we are going to give them.

“We have also done our best to ensure that all of our customers will get more value if their price is going up, and we know they want faster speeds and better online security from their broadband. So, most of our Infinity 1 customers will enjoy much faster speeds for a little extra, while all of our customers will receive a quicker response if they have a fault and free BT Net Protect security.

“We have also added free calls to BT Mobile for our Unlimited Anytime calls customers.”

The table below details the key price hikes: 

Product (i) Current price New price Increase
Standard line rental £17.99/mth £18.99/mth

£1/mth = 5.55% (£12/year)

Line rental saver £194.28 year £205.08/year £10.80/year - 5.55%
Line rental plus £19.99/mth £20.99/mth £1/mth = 5% (£12/year)
Unlimited anytime calls plan £7.95/mth £8.50/mth £0.55 = 6.9% (£6.60/year)
Total broadband (copper line) £13/mth £15/mth £2/mth = 15.3% (£24/year)
Unlimited broadband (copper) £18/mth £20/mth £2/mth = 11.1% (£24/year)
Infinity 1 broadband £20/mth £21/mth £1/mth = 5% (£12/year)
Unlimited Infinity 1 broadband £23/mth £26/mth £3/mth = 13% (£36/year)
Unlimited Infinity 2 broadband £30/mth £32.50/mth £2.50/mth = 8.3% (£30/year)
BT Sport for BT broadband customers £5/mth £6/mth £1/mth = 20% (£12/year)
BT Sport on Sky without BT Broadband £19.99/mth £21.99/mth £2/mth = 10% (£24/year)
BT Sport HD £4/mth £5/mth £1/mth = 25% (£12/year)
Essential TV £5.30/mth £6/mth £0.70/mth = 13% (£8.40/year)

(i) BT Sport for BT TV customers remains free. 


Your Comments

The BT price hikes show that it's better to NOT have a bundle.

Sourcing what you want from different providers will give you the option of easy switching just the bits that you think are ripping you off.

That's why these companies offer such bundles. Bundles make it much harder and time consuming to switch.

AND if you've paid the line rental saver up front, there is no refund of part of that should you decide to ditch BT midway. Luckily when that happened to me I had just one month of line saver to go, so I only lost one month's worth.

Same with O2; when they split the mobile phone away from the airtime contract. Cancel airtime owing to price hikes, but you still have to keep on paying for the phone for up to 2 years (and it might cost you to have it unlocked from the O2 network).

I joined BT in Sept 2015 to get unlimited Infinity 1 for £10/month + line rental as a 12 month deal and it works very well. (I also got a £100 Sainsbury voucher)  At the end of my 12 month deal I will move providers to get another 12 month deal and that may be Sky, TalkTalk, PlusNet etc - they all do deals for new customers. My advice is follow the offers and save a lot of money.

Can someone remind me what the rate of inflation is ?

Good point!

BT and the major providers are running a cartel

BT and its so called rivals are running a cartel. [see the massive and repeated hikes over the last 5 years from all the majors.]
BT hikes its prices first. When each of its rivals has done the same, BT hikes again. Each company knows it will not lose market share since it is confident its 'rivals' will follow suit.
This is a public service, an essential utility. These companies are forcing the retired off our vital lifeline, our telephone. It is also nice to have basic broadband for emails. We do not need or wish to pay for fancy speeds
The gov't expects us to accept austerity. In return it does nothing to stop us being ripped off by utility companies. I have written on this subject several times to my MP, Therese Coffey. She cannot even be bothered to reply.
Who pays for Ofcom? What are they doing about this?
In other countries phone packages are cheap.Unfortunately in the UK we have to suffer the con of repeated line rental hikes and 'connection charges' on top of paying for the calls.