Stamp prices to rise by 1p

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The price of a first class stamp will increase by 1p from 63p to 64p from 29 March, Royal Mail has announced.

Second class stamps will rise by 1p from 54p to 55p, while the price of a large letter (under 101g) will increase by 1p for both first class and second class stamps, taking prices to 96p and 75p respectively. 

Royal Mail says it has “carefully considered the impact” on customers and its own business, but says the changes are “necessary to help ensure the sustainability of the Universal Postal Service”.

Stock up on stamps now

If you use stamps for personal or business use on a regular basis, consider stocking up now at cheaper prices to save.

Royal Mail says that as long as the stamp says ‘1st’ or ‘2nd’ on it rather than an actual price, you can continue to use it after the price rise.

If you’ve got stamps from years ago with actual prices on them, to use them now you need to ensure you make up the value to current prices using other stamps.


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The ceo of Royal Mail is on an agenda to destroy letter deliveries right under the noses of the Government and that impotent government quango Offcom or whatever these imbeciles now call themselves. The deal at privatisation was that the letter delivery service was maintained but no restriction was made on pricing which is being used by Royal  Mail to destroy the service!  On a personal level I'm not too badly affected but there are millions of elderly who are not computer literate and therefore become victims of crude profiteering. As with the Utilities, Royal Mail should never have been privatised to be used by soulless, corporate thugs who would sell their mothers for financial profit. A plague on their houses!!!! 

Not really bothered as I send emails and can count on one hand the number of letters I post over a year.
I dont send parcels,for gifts etc I use online companies like Amazon
and mostly get free delivery.Its cheaper to order cards online and get them posted direct.
I even send xmas wishes and new year by email,yes I have cut back
and why not.
Post charges are a rip off and all the GPO have done and are doing is shoot themselves in the foot by increasing charges so much.
I give out family cards when I see them and have stopped sending out cards to anyone except close family,the government has cutbacks and so do I.

just another point,we have lost our great postman,they moved him.
Now we get dont care less postmen who cant even put the letters through the letterbox properly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am expecting them to strike again soon !  and could not care less !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!sack em !

Thanks for all your comments on this news story. bewise, we published your first comment on the Letters page of our April magazine alongside the following response from Moneywise: 

"Moneywise says: First and second class stamp prices rose by 1p from 29 March, taking prices to 64p and 55p respectively. But some of you get around using Royal Mail altogether…"