Raising a child 'costs more than a house'

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The cost of raising a child from birth to 21-years-old is more than a house, according to new research by LV.

The insurer’s ‘Cost of a Child’ report, finds that the price of raising a child to age 21 has risen to an all-time high of £231,843 - or £878/month.

In comparison, the average UK home cost £212,430 in January 2016 – £19,413 less - according to Halifax’s latest house price index. See our House Prices Up 9% news story.

The biggest source of expenditure is education at £74,430, according to the report. This covers costs associated with school, such as trips, textbooks, uniforms and lunch, as well as university fees. It does not however, take into account private school fees. 

Childcare and babysitting, is the next largest outlay costing a whopping £70,466 over 21 years, while food costs follows at just over £19,000.

Six in ten parents struggling

LV says six in ten parents (59%) admit they’re struggling to manage their outgoings, while nearly half (49%) don’t have a plan in place if the main breadwinner were to lose their income due to accident or illness.

See our Cut your costs section for help slashing bills and our Climb out of debt in 2016 guide if you’re struggling.


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What a load of twaddle! These figures may be true for some families, but they are hardly an average. If they were true, very few people could afford more than one child. I suspect that maybe this is the total cost including salary sacrifice for stay-at-home parents, and additionally the cost to the state in child benefit / tax credit. Otherwise I can't see how the figures add up.