British Gas deal could save consumers £289 on energy bills

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Households are now able to knock £289 off their annual energy bills, thanks to a new collective deal available via

The deal is powered by British Gas and is its cheapest deal in over four years, costing £805 a year on average. That’s £289 cheaper than the average big six standard monthly direct debit bill.

Stephen Murray, energy expert at MoneySuperMarket said: “The British Gas one year collective fixed tariff is currently the cheapest fixed rate deal available. Even existing British Gas or Sainsbury’s Energy customers can take advantage of the collective switch without being charged any exit fees from their current tariff.”

The deal is a fixed tariff, which confusingly doesn’t mean a set bill, but instead a set price for each unit of energy used (rather than a variable rate that could change at any time).

In July a report by the Competition & Markets Authority found that the ‘Big Six’ energy providers collectively overcharged consumers around £300 million a year, due to lack of competition in the market.

David Sheridan, founder of bill management service Onedox, says: “In the UK energy sector alone, 70% of consumers are overpaying by £160 a year because they are automatically moved on to more expensive tariffs once their initial contracts run out.”

Customers signing up for the MoneySuperMarket dual fuel offer should be aware there is a £30 early exit fee for people signing up to the deal who subsequently leave within a year.

Compare energy prices and switch provider at Moneywise Compare.

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... shame there's no direct 'link' to a comparison.
I've wasted time trying to quickly navigate to it.  It is not there: -  easy to find.  In fact I gave up.
It's O.K. tho' I'm one of those geeks who has my own created spreadsheet comparison and am aware of nearly every utility company's offers.
I KNOW I'm on the best deal for me on First Utility.
I monitor my energy comsumtion regularly, and I only needed to have the quick 'link' to confirm what I already know anyway.