Dog walkers earn 17% more than national average

Dog walkers

Professional dog walkers can earn up to £26,496 a year – 17% more than the average national salary, new research has found.

Direct Line Pet Insurance found dog walking is now big business, with individual dog walkers charging on average £11.50 per hour, with the typical walker carrying out 13 walks a day or 192 a month. This equates to an average annual income of £26,496 – which is £4,450 above the UK's average annual salary of £22,044.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those in the South East pay the most to have their beloved pooches walked while they are in work, forking out £14 an hour, while those in Scotland and the North West pay the least, at £10 per hour.

It is a similar story for those who run 'doggy day care' businesses too. According to the research, care providers charge an average of £17.50 a day to look after pets. The businesses see around 305 dogs each month, equating to an annual income of £64,050.

Big business

Prit Powar, head of pet insurance at Direct Line, said: "Our research reinforces that pet care is big business for the UK and it's great to hear that dog walkers and doggy day care providers are able to earn a real living providing these much needed services to dog owners."

The figures suggest dog walking is becoming a full-time professional job, rather than one that people do to earn a bit of extra cash.

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It's not surprising the growing popularity in Dog Walking and the financial rewards behind it. I think the most important thing is making sure the dog day care centre or dog walker - you do invest in, needs to have a solid reputation, amongst their customers! I used earlier this year. I was aware they charged a significant amount, but my pup was worth it - especially after reading the reviews of the centre!