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West Brom Building Society has provided a welcome boost for savers looking to shield money away from the tax man by upping the rate on its online cash Isa to a market-leading 1.55%.

Its WeBSaveR Limited Access Isa will now pay interest at 1.55%, up from 1.4%, with the change applying to new customers and those who have already opened the account since the beginning of the new tax year.

The account is online only and requires an initial investment of £1,000. Transfers are also accepted from other providers up to a maximum of £250,000, though you will only be able to make three withdrawals a year without being penalised, with the interest rate dropping to just 0.75% if you do so.

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Rates on the rise

With the beginning of the new tax year, West Brom isn't the only provider to try to attract new customers with favourable rates.

From Friday 10 April, Skipton Building Society's limited edition cash Isa will pay 1.6%, which will beat the new West Brom rate. Transfers in are allowed and the account can be opened with just £1 and withdrawals are allowed. It won't hang around long so move quickly if you want to open one.

Nationwide has launched a regular saver Isa that will allow £1,270 a month to enter the account at a rate of 2%, while Leeds Building Society bumped its two-year fixed Isa rate to 2.1% on balances more than £15,000, and its three-year comes with a 2.2% rate on balances above £100.

Responding to the announcement, Kevin Mountford, head of banking at MoneySuperMarket said: "We are beginning to see Isa rates increasing, and new products entering the market as we start the new tax year. It really could be a case of the early bird catches the worm and it might pay for savers to take advantage of the rates on offer now.

"The increase in rate from The West Brom coupled with Nationwide Building Society launching a regular saver ISA offering a 2.0% rate which allows up to £1,270 per month to enter the account, are positive pieces of news for savers."

Savers can now deposit up to £15,240 in an Isa for the 2015/16 tax year.


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Don't use Nationwide, the stole alomsot £9K from me and I can't get it back.  Even have a ltter confirming that they stole my cash but it is impossible to find anyone at the company who will do more than say 'so what, we can do what we like'.
Hard to believe they are supposed to be regulated, Nationwide staff seem to be a liars and thieves throughout, with almost any staff having access to private and supposedly secure banking information.
What they did let out is that they suffer from a high level of fraud, which is hardly surprising when their own staff can hack in and steal you rmoney so easiy

The Nationwide has published a new regular saver ISA which allows £1270.00 per month for twelve months to be invested at a 2.0% interest rate.  If the money is taken at the rate of £1270.00 per month for twelve months fron an ISA paying 1.5% what is the gain, if any. Any mathmeticians out there? 

Answer for Snowdon: You will gain 0.5% in your annual interest rate on the sum transferred. In the first month that is £1270 x 0.005/12 = £0.53. In the second month this doubles to £1.06 and so on. In the twelfth month your extra interest will be £6.36. Over the year you will have earned around £41 extra interest.