People "switch-off" from shopping around at 71

Online shopping

Consumers stop shopping around for the best energy and insurance deals when they reach 71 years old, costing them an extra £659 a year on average, new research has revealed. found that less than 3% of its users comparing deals were aged 71 or over.

This age group's reluctance to scope out better is hitting them in the pocket. According to the research, by switching providers pensioners could save up to £327.77 a year on average on their car insurance, £105.99 on their home insurance and £225.74 on their energy bills, saving them a total of £659.50 a year.


Simon McCulloch, director of insurance, said: "As the government looks to introduce measures to increase the online competency of older generations, 71 is a surprisingly young age for 'silver surfers' to hang up their mouse.

"Despite the rise of so-called IAPs - Internet Aged Pensioners - it would appear that this has not dramatically encouraged more online shopping for products that would save the older generation of UK adults significant amounts of money."

He added: "It is clear that people in their 70s, 80s and above stand to save a considerable amount from shopping around at the point of renewal for their key insurance and utility products.

"However, not all are tech savvy tablet users and these individuals are missing out on deals as a result. For those of us that are more technologically able, it could take only five minutes to help those who are less proficient and it might help them make significant savings."

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Or maybe they have worked out that these svigns are largely mythical? I've switched and discovered that it rarely gives me savings. I still browse around but I am fast finding it a waste of time and effort.
For instance a new gas heater will save you £180 per year. However the savigns over its lifetime will not be as much as putting the new boiler in! That is one little fact they don't tell you.