Half of parking fines are ripped up on appeal

Half of parking fines are ripped up on appeal

Half the parking tickets appealed in 2012 were written off, according to analysis of the most recent statistics available.

During the year, some 8,461,916 parking tickets were issued in England and of the 69,921 that were appealed, 35,816 were found to have been awarded unfairly.

The analysis by consumer complaints service Resolver found that in the City of London (the 'Square Mile') alone, 60,256 parking tickets were issued in 2012. Of them, just 1,590 were appealed but only 19 motorists were forced to pay - meaning 99% of people who appealed were let off.

The study also found that Westminster Council issued one ticket costing £60 each every minute, while the likes of South and North Derbyshire District Council are handed out an average of one a day.

Unsurprisingly then, Londoners were more likely to appeal with thousands challenging their tickets compared with "literally a handful of people" in Rossendale, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Norfolk and Nuneaton, said a Resolver spokesperson.

James Walker, the founder of resolver.co.uk, said: "Our study shows that it pays to complain and appeal about a parking ticket if you feel it has been awarded unfairly. It also highlights the aggressive tactics of some councils that simply use parking charges to bump revenues in a complete disregard for motorists' rights."

He advises motorists to complain as soon as they get a ticket, "especially if you feel you are in the right", he said.

Walker added: "In our view, by appealing you are helping the councils to improve the fairness of the system and to stamp out any rogue parking attendants who are just looking to improve their numbers."

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I have appealed against a ticket with Brighton C.C. but didn't get anywhere despite the fact that the signage was very poor and I thought it related to the other side of the road.  Also was also attending a meeting for people with housing problems hoping to get advice but that wasn't taken account of either though it could have been easily checked. Latest thing that they have done is make their parking only payable with a mobile phone and credit card plus you have to pay an admin charge which isn't even the case in London. What happens when they get hit by the Shellshock virus. Will they compensate when car parkers get hit financially? I would also guess that the shops and local economy hate what they have done.

At least Local Authorities are subject to some form of regulation!
Private Parking companies [PPC] are just riding roughshod over the general motoring public with practically NO accountability - since the Accredited Trade Associations (ATA's) which they're members of [BPA, IPC] don't have the resources to audit/monitor them across the country! And it's a conflict of interest anyway that they state they DO regulate/enforce offending businesses - since they rely on their income from the PPCs to operate! The ATA's provide voluntary training courses - though the PPC's can simply continue to operate with just their SIA qualifications! The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, which was supposed to make a difference, doesn't appear to!
My recent experience is that a PPC - an Approved Operator (AO) simply dismisses the fact that their signage is such that Jo public wouldn't even have known they were on private land!; refuses to provide a serviceable address for correspondence - they haven't paid Royal Mail's bill! {yet they have the power to obtain Keeper's addresses from DVLA}; refuse to answer legitimate queries re: their policies; staff are rude, agressive and hang up on you if they don't want to deal; they have no complaints procedure in place; they ignore written correspondence; they're not bothered that their official signage and notices contain illegal content; the actual landowners do their own ticketing - to save money? - though are unlikely to know.the relevant Codes of Practice which their AO's are bound by ...... I'll stop there but could go on!!
Extortion! Entrapment! Unjust! Non-compliance with many Consumer Protection regulations!

Camden council is one to watch. They are a money-grabbing bunch! Some years ago I was driving through on a Sunday and noticed the Columbia Road market was open so I stopped to buy some flowers. I parked in a side street and looked up and down for parking notices. As there were none I parked on a single yellow line as it was a Sunday. Came back, ticket on windscreen! Traffic warden still around so I asked him where the parking signs were. He told me that the whole area was a restricted zone until 2pm which was on a sign at the main road about a quarter of a mile away! Clearly he was embarassed that he had been required to give me a ticket because of that. So it seems that if you are driving along with no intention to park, you must still look at every sign you pass in case you may want to park later on. Of course you may hit a pedestrian because you are so busy looking at passing traffic signs, but that is not important.
I refused to pay the fine, declaring that it was against my constitutional rights that I had commtted an offence without my knowledge because of a lack of information. After some exchange of letters that went on for 2 years they finally gave up.
I encourage anyone who gets fined under dubious circumstances to make it as difficult as possible for them to collect, and don't be cowered into paying up because of the discount if paid within a certain period.