Tesco warned over 'misleading' beer promo

Tesco store

Tesco has received a warning by the Adverting Standards Agency (ASA) over advertising a beer promotion that was "likely" to have misled customers.

The ASA upheld two complaints against the supermarket giant for an online promotion selling four cans of Hobgoblin for £4.50, down from £4.99 from 23 October 2013.

However, one online shopper complained that the alcohol had been available for £4 for three months up until 7 October 2013 and that the Hobgoblin was still being sold at the 'discounted' price after the promotion was meant to end on 7 November.

Tesco said that the beer had been stocked at £4.99 from 2 October to 22 October and that it believed that customers thought that was the genuine price for the product.

But the ASA said while the beer had been on sale at £4.99 for those 21 days, it had been available for £4 for at least two months prior to that, and as a result it was reasonable to assume that £4 was the normal selling price for the product.

The ASA warned the supermarket giant that the ad must not appear again in its current form and that it must ensure prices used as the basis of savings claims reflect "the normal selling price for the product" and "not to imply that a product would revert to a higher price if that was not the case".

In response to the decision, Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said: "Special offers should be special. We've found dodgy deals across the aisles, with prices yo-yoing between multibuys and discounts so that it is almost impossible to know the actual price."

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Why are Tesco having a tough time?
Because no one trusts them anymore.
They are expensive on goods not on offer and dodgy on their promotions.
Similarly, who in their right mind would trust the content and quality of their meat.

I live 50 yards from a Tesco, so shop there for bits and pieces most days.   I regularly see bottles of wine literally double in price (and pushed to a lower shelf)... only to reappear at HALF PRICE a week or so later.  In fact we now have a running joke that we know exactly what their next promotion will be, based on what products are doubling in price today!  There is no way that the "normal price" is the doubled price - they are just rigging the rules to sell more stuff and con the less observant customer - call this trust?