Brits waste three months of their life queuing to pay


Brits spend half an hour every week queuing to pay - that's 85 days or three months of the average lifespan.

For some 13% of consumers, the wait is even longer at 51 minutes a week or five months of their lives, according to research from Barclaycard.

Standing in line at the supermarket is the queue we hate most with a quarter of us saying they have the longest lines. Some 8% said petrol station queues were the most irksome, while 7% said pubs were the worst and 6% said coffee shops were the most irritating.

Such is the frustration, 75% of Brits say they would avoid the outlet altogether if the queue was too long.

To tackle the problem, 40% of consumers said more staff should be brought in to cut wait-times, while 17% want more tills and self-service check outs.

Just one in 10 shoppers wanted to see more 'tap and go' contactless payments machines to speed things up, despite Barclaycard research indicating that contactless payments take 12.5 seconds on average, compared to a Chip and PIN card takes taking 27 seconds, and cash taking 34 seconds.

Fed up

Tami Hargreaves, head of contactless at Barclaycard, said: "Standing in long queues to pay is something that many of us have to endure - some for almost an hour a week.

"Our research shows that shoppers are fed up with long queues and are turning away from outlets where there are too many people waiting in line, and are taking their business to retailers and eateries where they can pay more quickly."

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