Insurers blasted for shoddy service


One in five people who have made an insurance claim felt they were let down by poor communication, new research has found.

Some 20% of people rate their insurers' communication skills as poor, while nearly a quarter (23%) said they were average, according to management specialists, the EDM Group.

Only 16% said their insurance company's skills were excellent.

When asked why they were unhappy with the service they had received, 43% of insurance customers said it was down to how long they took to decide whether or not to cover a claim, while 22% said it was due to the difficulty they had in trying to speak to someone.

More than one in 10 (14%) said their insurer took too long to find the correct information and 5% said the communication channel used by the insurer was not the one the customer wanted to use.

However, 67% of those working in the insurance industry think that the situation will improve in the next three to five years as companies get used to dealing with growing amounts of data and information.

Quality service

Craig Campbell at EDM Group, said: "Having access to the right information quickly is key to insurers offering customers quality service.

"The challenges here are growing because insurers have to deal with a growing amount of data and information, and also come to terms with the growing channels of communication their business partners and customers use."

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Still in middle of claim, (Raw sewage pumping into kitchen)
1st phone call to my insurer " not sure your insured with us, someone will call you back by the end of the week" I was left worried.
2nd phone call "someone will call you back" Never happened.
3rd phone call took 25 mins before I hung up, only so long you can listen to how important a call is to them.
I complained to my introducer, who contacted them on my behalf.
Loss adjuster came out agreed I would be insured and monies to get me started and make house safe to be with me in few days. Story after story from the insurer, who is not in to day etc.. finally was told monies was approved and it would be with me by cheq, I waited a further week nothing, again I phoned this time I was told no one would have told you that and nothing has been approved. I complained more lots more promises that have led to nothing. 3 months later I am still waiting on money to get kitchen sorted.   I thought I was alone in this situation but from the survey it would seem the norm, I told them I was going to raise with the ombusman however this has not helped so I assume the insurance industry has no fear of regulators so maybe the ombusman and relevant bodies need to provide the service expected of them... over to ombusman show them you should be taken serious and not something to be scoffed at.
I told them that this is nothing like the TV adverts you see for home insurance the reply was "you should not believe everything you see on TV"   These guys are a law into themselves they need penalties maybe like the PPi scandle because they are mis selling a service level.