Do you live in the happiest UK town?

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Harrogate has been named the happiest place to live in the UK for the second year running.

The North Yorkshire town came out on top after coming first for safety, neighbourliness and recreation categories, in a survey of 50,000 people.

Inverness in Scotland took second place, followed by Taunton, Stockport, and Falkirk.

But it was bad news for Londoners, with high rent and living costs, unfriendliness, and safety concerns contributing to areas of the capital filling the bottom 10 spots in the league table, with East London named the worst, followed by Ilford, and Croydon.

Kirkcaldy in Fife came first in the space category, where it's possible to buy a six-bedroom detached home with eight acres of land for less than £800,000.

This compares dramatically to West Central London – which came bottom for space – where you might just be able to afford a one-bed flat for the same price.

Matthew James, head of communications at Rightmove said: "This is the third time that we have produced our Happy at Home Index and the second time that Harrogate has topped the pile, fending off stiff competition from Inverness and Taunton."

Rightmove added that the average asking price of a property in Harrogate is £309,133 – that's around £37,000 higher than the national average.

The top 10 happy hotspots
1. Harrogate
2. Inverness
3. Taunton
4. Stockport
5. Falkirk
6. Norwich
7. Hull
8. Preston
9. Truro
10. Telford

The sad spots
10. East London
9. Ilford
8. Croydon
7. East Central London
6. Twickenham
5. Enfield
4. North London
3. Harrow
2. South East London
1. West London

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So all the people who live in the London area that I know who speak about the 'live, vibrant city' are talking out of their hats? Probably. I'm surprised that Bridgwater didn't make the 'sad' list, but there again, the interviewer probably couldn't understand Neanderthal...
I live in a small village in Dorset. Pub, club, shop, village hall, church, 29 clubs and societies, lovely neighbours. They never asked me!

London is well overated ! the price of acommodation to rent or buy is getting out of hand and the wages are terrible. i live in Croydon and it dosnt surprise me one little bit that we are in the top ten for being in the sad spot. croydon has certainly got worse over the years and i wouldent reccomend anyone coming to live here.