Wales and Essex have worst streets for broadband speed

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A street in Wales and another in Essex have been named the slowest in the UK for broadband, according to a new survey.

Erw Fawr, in the village of Henryd, Conwy, north-Wales, and Wheatley Road in Essex's Stanford-le-Hope achieved average speeds of just 0.6Mbps, according to the research from, based on two million speed tests run by broadband users over a six-month period.

This makes them 30 times slower than the UK's average broadband speed of 17.8Mbps. To put that in context, at 0.6Mbps, it would take residents of the two slowest streets around 15.2 hours to download an HD-quality film.

But in the fastest UK street for broadband - Loundes Road in Unstone, Derbyshire, which enjoys average speeds of 57.58 Mbps – it would take just nine minutes to download the same film.

In total, six Essex locations made the list of the 50 worst streets for broadband speed in the UK, including streets in Chelmsford and Clacton-on-Sea. However, streets in Braintree and Basildon – also both in Essex – joined Unstone in making the top 10 fastest areas.

Uswitch said that it is not only rural areas that have poor download speeds, with many inner-city and built-up locations featuring in the top 50 slowest streets.

It said four in 10 (40%) Brits are experiencing average speeds of below 5Mbps; while just 15% are experiencing superfast speeds of 30Mbps or above.

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Negligible service

Marie-Louise Abretti, broadband expert at, said: "There are still areas in the UK which experience broadband speeds so slow the service is negligible. At the same time, superfast broadband connections are becoming more widely available but – as our research suggests – these are clearly not being utilised.

"More needs to be done to increase awareness of availability and cost. Superfast broadband isn't as expensive as some users might think, with prices starting at £16 a month plus £15 for line rental."

The 10 worst streets for broadband speed
1) Erw Fawr, Henryd, Conwy, Wales    0.6Mbps
2) Wheatley Road, Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex    0.6 Mpbs
3) Station Road, Swineshead, Boston, Lincolnshire    0.65 Mpbs
4) Kelvin Grove, North Shields, Tyne and Wear    0.74 Mpbs
5) Maple Crescent, Alveley, Bridgnorth, Shropshire    0.91Mbps
6) Evesham Road (nr Church Lane), Norton, Evesham, Worcestershire    0.92 Mbps
7) Meadow View (nr Rectory Road), Castle Carrock, Brampton, Cumbria    0.94 Mbps
8) Canal Street, Oakthorpe, Swadlincote, Leicestershire    0.96 Mbps
9) Pickleys Lane, Doveridge, Ashbourne, Derbyshire    0.99 Mbps
10) Dereham Road (nr Chancel Lane), Garvestone, Norwich, Norfolk    1.03 Mbps

Top 10 fastest streets
1) Loundes Road, Unstone, Dronfield, Derbyshire    57.58 Mbps
2) Spencer Close, Swindon, Wiltshire    50.60 Mbps
3) Northam Drive, Ripley, Derbyshire    44.67 Mbps
4) Byfletts, Basildon, Essex    41.47 Mbps
5) Mill Lane (nr Malvern Close), North Hykeham, Lincoln, Lincolnshire    38.88 Mbps
6) Lymington Road (nr Barton Court Road), New Milton, Hampshire    35.70 Mbps
7) Littlewood Lane, Walsall, Staffordshire    35.64 Mbps
8) Camel Road, London    34.62 Mbps
9) Pen-Y-Graig Road, Brymbo, Wrexham    31.91 Mbps
10) Giffins Close, Braintree, Essex    30.33 Mbps

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All broadband signals, all over the world, regardless of the sevice provider, travel at the same speed ie. the speed of light.   Companies and organisations cannot manipulate that speed.
What ISPs, etc can manipulate are Data Transfer Rates (Rates for short).  NB. Data Transfer Rates are NOT speeds - they are measured in terms of Mb/s or MB/s, whereas Speed = Distance divided by Time.

So why do copper wires restrict rates of transmission of data, cf fibre optics?

Is there supposed to be a 2Mbs Minumum speed coming in shortly (maybe 2015).
I have had problems with BT cutting the MBs of my PlusNet service if I go on Holiday and don't leave the router on.
What is really annoying  is that when I start using the service again I usually have to phone up PlusNet support to get them to raise the service from the 0.25mbs they usually give me when I first come back from holiday.
I find BT's BTW Performance Test the most reliable speed idication for my service though it wouldn't work for TalkTalk or anyone else with an entirely separate network.