Yodel and Hermes named UK's worst parcel delivery firms

Damaged parcel

Yodel and Hermes have been named the worst parcel delivery services in the UK by users of Moneysavingexpert.com.

The poll of 9,000 people named the two as the delivery firms that provide the worst service, with 58% who have had goods delivered by Yodel rating their experience as bad. Hermes came second, attracting a 30% 'bad' rating.

It is the second year in a row that Yodel (which delivers parcels for a wide range of major retailers including Amazon, Argos, Boots and Tesco Direct) has been named the worst parcel firm in the UK by Moneysavingexpert users.

Martin Lewis, founder of MoneySavingExpert.com, said: "Yet again Yodel has come bottom of the delivery pile. It's not quite as hideous as last year when 71% rated it bad – but it should act as a serious warning to anyone thinking of using it, or a company that uses it.

"One of the problems is the indirect nature of delivery firms. Many of the worst firms we only come into contact with because retailers choose to use them to provide deliveries. It's time we put pressure on retailers to stop inflicting this type of delivery on us. Any customer who has an abominable delivery service should complain to the retailer and ask them to justify why they use firms with such dire reputations.

Unfair criticism

In the run-up to Christmas 2013, Yodel said it handled over 14 million parcels in 24 days. But in December 2012, the Observer reported that consumers' Christmas presents were going missing because Yodel was losing parcels or sending them to the wrong addresses.

At the time Yodel, the biggest delivery company in the UK after Royal Mail, claimed it was being unfairly singled out for criticism and said it performed better than many of its competitors.

But Moneysavingexpert today highlighted a number of typical user complaints about Yodel and Hermes. One wrote that she had "never had good service" from Yodel; while another complained: "Hermes put my parcel in the recycling box...on recycling day."

Both DPD and Collect Plus did well in the user poll, with 69% and 60% of their customers, respectively, rating them as good. Only 12% and 11% rated them as bad. Royal Mail was third best parcel firm for customer service, with a 58% 'good' rating.

Your Comments

You ask: Why do these retailers use delivery firms with poor reputations?"
I think we already know the answer: they're cheap!

I have nothing but praise for Hermes. When I had a problem they went over and above my customer service expectations. Unlike Royal Mail who will try and get out of any of their responsibilities.
So much for surveys. I know a lot of people who use Hermes and none have a bad word to say.


By and large I've had no issues. Hermes are very slow (especially after Christmas)and their website is bad at updating. On one occasion I got the package on the Saturday, with an apology that it hadn't been delivered the previous day. On the following Monday I got an e-mail telling me it would be delivered later on Monday!

I have had many deliveries via both of these firms and I have never had a single problem.
Also, I personally know two guys, each working a different area for Hermes, and I can assure you that you would not find two harder working, utterly reliable, people no matter how hard you looked!!
Each delivery person is responsible for his/her own area, so the person delivering will always be the same. If you have a complaint it would probably be against a person, rather than the whole company.
Of course, there's always the possibility that the despatching company did NOT pass the item to the Courier company when they claim they did!! I've certainly had that happen!!
Coming towards Christmas the delivery schedule for Hermes, already quite high, almost doubles and there have been occasions when the guys have each had between 150 and 200 items to deliver, per day, spread over an area of probably 300+ square miles (approximately 20+ miles east to west, 15+ miles north to south)!!
You try delivering to that many different addresses, spread over that sized area, in a single day!
Even assuming that you've been given the complete delivery address!
Don't tar all people working for the companies with the same brush!!
And no, I do not work for the company!!

I couldn't agree more about Yodel, we have had a great deal of trouble with them. However Hermes have always been excellent. As other people have said, their deliveries are always done by the same person, who is charming and very efficient. I was amazed when you put them as 2nd worst.  UK mail are 2nd worst as far as we are concerned, they leave goods out in the rain, and then leave them out again when we ask for them to be replaced!

I want to add one other thing. People say Hermes are slow well I sent an item a few weeks ago from my local shop in central leicestershire and it arrived in a remote village in North Aberdennshire, delivered, the next day. 

I use Hermes a lot and they deserve more than the 70% good rating - oddly this is higher the the 69% DPD got.  Sounds like poor statistics written up by poor journalists.  In the run up to Christmas the only failure I had was from Parcelforce - a Royal Mail company - all the others including Yodel, DPD, Citylink and Hermes delivered on time.

If Hermes got a 30% bad rating does that mean that 70% were happy? Sounds like a bad manipulation of some pretty weak stats. My Hermes courier is a lovely gent and always delivers my parcels on time and with a smile. Anyway these stories have been done to death - yawn. Lazy journalism.

I think the main problems with Yodel and Hermes is that retailers try to do deliveries as cheap as possible. If you pay peanuts you get monkeys! It is a false economy as it must cost more to replace goods or other compensate customers. We have a very reliable courier who doesn't just dump stuff in the garden but we also have good neighbours who will accept parcels on our behalf and we return the compliment. 

BTW - Collect plus isn't a parcel delivery company so why are they on here. And it's half owned by Yodel who are aparently the worst...

It's a survey that's also been written up by the national newspapers (albeit it well after Moneywise did so), so clearly of importance to many consumers. Moneysavingexpert's annual survey is cannily released just after Christmas, when feelings run high about parcel delivery firms, following millions of people ordering gifts online. Those polled were asked to rate firms as good, ok or bad; so it's not as simple as 30% bad and 70% good. For the complete results, visit MSE. And do, please, tell us more about your personal experiences.

I would also argue that if between half and two thirds of any company's customers rate their service as bad, something is going seriously wrong. I do accept that Hermes, while rated second worst, polled far better than Yodel.

So let's see - you got an item delivered on the Saturday, with an apology for not delivering it the previous day, and then a message to say it would be delivered on Monday?
So you got actual delivery two days before you were told it would be delivered - and that you call 'slow'??
When did you expect them to deliver it?
The day before you ordered it??

RM must be the worst if prices were taken into consideration, they are charging 3 times the price for some items. Hermes may be slightly slower but RM do not provide a premium service for the premium prices they charge & trying to get anywhere with lost parcels is way below standard.

The last three parcels from YODAL have been delivered on time with a very polite driver. Never had a problem with them.

I have lots of deliveries from qvc via hermes. They are quick and the regular girl is most helpful as i am often out leaving parcels in safe places

Hermes always provides excellent service to me. It is always the same courier and he always calls at a convenient time when he knows I will be in. On the other hand, Yodel should be renamed "Knock and Run" - they drop a "sorry you were out" card through the letterbox without even ringing the doorbell!

Hermes render great services to every houses.

Used HERMES several times - never had a problem. Always same friendly face picking up the parcel.

I have used Hermes a lot over the last few years, probably hundreds of parcels in both directions and have had only one problem, for which I was fully compensated. Their customer service was very good in resolving that. I have also used Yodel several times, with no problems whatsoever. However, I have used Parcel2Go once, as has my brother, both with with disasterous results! Thee tried to deliver my parcel back to me instead of where it should have been going, despite their own delivery address lable and bar code (which they don't even use!!), it got lost for several days, they were uncontactable by phone and their online tracking was totally unreliable. My brother's item was delivered in pieces, despite plenty of bubble wrap! So my vote for worst delivery firm goes to Parcel2Go, by a VERY, VERY, long way!!!

I agree with both being bad service, Yodel especially, they are really bad  at leaving parcels at the wrong address.

Different parcel. It was one incident last year and it was late! Five days to be delivered instead of two. Over Christmas I ordered and they got the parcel on the 27th. They delivered on the 3rd. The parcel was on their two day delvery schedule so I think it was slow. In fact they usually are in strict terms. I don't get excited about it normally, the coruiers are nice people and work hard.

I can't accept the order for worst deliverers.  Royal Mail should be at the bottom of the league table reflecting their profiteering and appaling service, using every opportunity to force recipients of parcels to collect at the nearest delivery office, even when instructions have been left to deposit parcels inside porches or leave with neighbours.  Their favourite tactic is to avoid waiting for more than a few seconds at the front door after ringing a door bell, hoping that the customer takes more time to answer the door. That way Royal Mail employees get to maintaining a jobsworth servicing a queue of irate customers who discover the Royal Mail employee has disappeared by the time the customer gets to the front door. It's at times like these that I regret not having a Jack Russell chasing after the postman!
Royal Mail deserve to go out of business for many reasons, perhaps the most obscene being the way in which they have profiteered on inflated, letter delivery charges to massage short-term profits in preparation for their recent listing on to the stock market,  The CEO has taken the easy route to short-term profitability. She should be kicked out of the job for cheating the public through abuse of a monopoly (letters) position while, at the same time, expecting the public to finance the enormous black hole in pension deficits!  And as for her over-paid salary suitable words would prevent their publication.....

I have a lot of parcels delivered by all the delivery companies and never had any problems whatsoever with any of them.  The worst one I've ever come across and this one should really be right at the top of the list is XPD Express - if you order anything and they are the delivery people then you may as well cancel the order as you can be waiting for your delivery for days/weeks despite clicking on next day delivery, just have a look at their reviews on Trustpilot website, most reviewers have given them one star out of 5 and how they're still in business is a mystery to me.

I have been using MyHermes for many years with absolutely no problems. As mention in earlier comments, the final delivery man is our interface and he is now a friend as is, incidently the Post Office delivery man.They go out of their way to be helpful. The rest of the supply chain seems to work smoothly as well. Are we getting to be whinging Poms?

What a truly insane report, i really struggle to believe that Martin Lewis has anything whatsoever to do with this! Your figures are truly misleading for example quote :- " Hermes came second, attracting a 30% 'bad' rating." and "Royal Mail was third best parcel firm for customer service, with a 58% 'good' rating"
Well my maths was never excellent but if Hermes has a 30% bad rating then does that not leave 70% which can only be good! and Royal Mail attain a 58% good rating therefor leaving 42 %bad  Therefore Hermes are 12% higher in the rating than Royal Mail!!!
I have used Myhermes for the past year ever since Royal Mail outpriced themselves and have not had one problem with them, whereas I have had numerous issues with Royal Mail.
When the Post Office try to tell you that "your item may get lost so we advise you to insure it" with their Special Delivery service ( which is the norm at our local offfice ) REFUSE this offer and instead ask for a certificate of posting which is FREE and covers you up to £60 for loss... one of the many things the Post Office & Royal Mail forget to tell the paying public!

Cheesed off with the lies from MyHermes.
I had to return some stuff back to Amazon (at my cost) so I used a ouple of sites to find the cheapest. 
MyHermes were about a £1 cheaper for the size and weight and as I had used them before, I thought nothing of it.
A week after I had the items collected, I still had heard nothing from Amazon and checking the MyHermes tracking information it said it was out for delivery - 4 days ago... 
I thought this was odd and the next day I had an email from them saying Amazon had refused the delivery as MyHermes were not one of their registered courier firms...  they said the items were being returned back to me.
That really annoyed me, so I contacted Amazon to find out why they had refused the item.  They assured me they had not refused any delivery and also they accept deliveries from all customers, including MyHermes... 
I duly contacted Hermes again and this time they said it was because Amazon had specific times when they acepted deliveries and as all the couriers were self employed they had no control over when the delivery could be made.  So it went on...
Tthey promised me a full refund...  That was weeks ago and I still have not had my money back and they no longer respond to my issues.
Great service NOT

Hermes are just not fit for purpose  They are the only courier firm that say they cannot find us with full address and post code and our phone number.  There are only five properties in our post code. On several occasions they say on the tracking page at between 4.30 and 5pm 're-attempt tomorrow' when we know that they have not tried to make delivery. Then if we complain they just drop the parcel on the step and run. Retailers don't really want to know So we wont buy from anyone who uses Hermes.

Sent 10 parcels through MYHERMES after selling a few things on Ebay. only 80% arrived intact. One was left by some bins outside a block of flats on their first attempt to deliver it, Apparently that's a safe place. Obviously it wasn't there when the guy got home. The second was tampered with, there were several items inside, two were missing on arrival.
I have tried contacting them to get compensation but it has turned into a farce. They sent a message saying the compensation for the package left by the bins was available but are refusing to send me the money. Ignoring all my requests.
The package that was tampered with I have finally had a response after a week of silence but only after I posted a review on trustpilot. They don't seem to give a carp that their staff are illegally going through other people's post. They consider it "damage" as opposed to theft, and so far haven't even offered compensation.
Rant Over :)
So if they're ignoring you just post on as many message boards/ review sites as you can as it seems to be the only way to get them to listen.


Faking a signature is fraud & thats a Police matter. With camera evidence you're in a very strong position !
I'm a relief courier for Hermes covering sicknes, holidays & so on.
Your personal experience is down to the individual self-employed courier not the company. The courier should have left a calling card with contact details & await your response. You get 3 delivery attempts then you parcel is returned to sender if delivery is not achieved.
The problem with this speaking with my courier hat on is as follows : Last Saturday I had 148 parcels to deliver plus collections - Christmas is coming & parcel volumes are already on the increase. I carried 18 undelivered parcels forward for Monday delivey with a calling card left for each one but only received 2 responses !
Customers place orders with several requests available - Next day delivery, named day delivery, AM or PM delivery are just a few. There is also an option for parcels that don't require a signature to be left in a secure location - garage, shed, porch, greenhouse ,etc - or with a neighbour. You can also leave a mobile phone number which is always a bonus for a courier when nobody's home !
All this information is available to the courier whilst delivering - the problem for us is that only a very small percentage of customers can be bothered to supply this info.

Hermes are the pits.  My parcel has been sitting in  my tiny little town for 6 days.  Hermes won't discuss delivery in case they upset good old Amazon.  It takes about 10 minutes to walk from one side of my town to the other.  I have waited in everyday for 6 days waiting for delivery.  Shoddy Hermes shoddy!  ps they have my mobile number why can't they say....today....tomorrow...?


Do not even consider "My Hermes" parcel carrier, unless you do not want your parcel to arrive! When my parcel wnt missing, there was no complaints procedure in place, it was almost impossible to get any contact with a human being, and when I did, each time they made up a different story as they went along. Result: no parcel, no contents, refund to buyer, no compensation, and cost of My Hermes "service" on top! I shall be looking out for the goods for sale on e-bay in a week or two, when the thief tries to capitalize on his gains.....AVOID, AVOID, AVOID!!!







Is any one else fed up with Yodels poor customer service. Well I am for sure after discovering that one of my items was tampered with and after contacting the regional manager I have had no reply.

I have managed to locate Yodels Depot number in New Cross, calling them will enable you to get through and get the contact details for one of the regional managers. I have one email for a regional manager called Derren Brown, his email is derren.brown@yodel.co.uk
Here is his linkdin account https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/derren-brown/54/738/192

The number for the New Cross Depot is 0203 738 2980

More telephone / numbers can be found using the link below


JUST TYPE YODEL IN COMPANY SEARCH and a host of numbers will pop up.

We can't let Yodel continue to treat customers like low life's at the bottom of their show, this is one of the worst companies you will have the misfortune of dealing with.

myHermes are thieves. A pair of wellington boots I ordered on eBay was sent via them.
I was at home ALL DAY today and NOBODY knocked or rang at my door.
I checked on the internet to see where it was and I was horrified to see that it HAD been delivered (somewhere) and signed for.
It's impossible to send them communication as not too many speak English!
I've never used them, and the quicker the government shut down criminals use the better.

^^^^^^^^^ the same thing happened to me yesterday  ^^^^^^^^^^


Hermes loses packages and takes no responsibility for their loss. I've placed two orders from Amazon that were supposed to be delivered by Hermes that were lost.


Both times Hermes' response was the same: "Because you placed the order with Amazon, you will have to make the complaint with them".


It's absurd; Amazon fulfils its responsibility by processing the order, but Hermes fucks up again and again. In both instances, the driver said they delivered the parcel and yet the parcel never showed up. There is absolutely no way I could have missed the delivery once, let alone twice.


I can only assume that the drivers are lying (by saying that the parcels are being delivered) and stealing the packages., the company takes no responsibility for this and the customer suffers.


I own a small e-tailing business that regularly delivers parcels around the UK. We use couriering companies regularly. I wouldn't touch Hermes with a barge pole. Unfortunately, in this instance, I had no choice.


What's most annoying is that as a suffering customer there is absolutely nothing you can do, other than vent in forums like this in the hope that e-commerce sites stop using this awful company.



Heres another Hermes complaint to add to the list.
Made a purchase of car parts and waited until I had to cancel the engineer.  Hermes claim they delivered on a day when I was definately in all day.  They left no redelivery card and claim their records show the item was delivered to my address.  the driver has falsified a signature and because of this ebay have found in favor of the seller and I have lost my money.
Thank you Hermes
Talking to some of the drivers it seems tempoary couriers routinely dump parcels and falsify the signatures because hermes sends them out on delivery schedules that cannot be carried out within their paid hours.
Trying to get any customer service from my hermes is like getting blood out of a stone, and when you finally talk to someone they just parrot what they see on their screens and insist that you signed for the delivery.
End result, lots of unhappy people being ripped off by ebay and hermes just pockets the courier fees and claims the items have been dlevered
the only way to fix this is to STOP USING MY HERMES or any company that contracts them.  then they will have to sit up and start to manage their couriers properly.

They falsified my signature and I lost. All the money I paid to buy the item and have it shipped.
these drivers are fraudsters

Yodel is a fraud or has a lot of contractors who are fraudulent.
in Dec,14, I has two parcels collected on different days, one parcel was sent to Australia and the other sent to Estonia. Neither parcel has been delivered (end of Jan, 2015) and Yodel has told me to put in a claim which they will cover to £20. Neither parcel appears to have left the UK as both parcels show the last time they were scanned was at Yodel warehouses.

I have been waiting 2 weeks for a parcel delivery, on behalf of a retailer, by, yes, Hermes. The driver rang to check the address on 8th January, and that's the last I have heard of it. I have asked via their website, and got a dismissive, useless response. Then they said they had sent it back to the retailer after 7 days as though it was my fault they had not delivered. The retailer checked and eventually said that was not true. The latest communication from Hermes, to the retailer, not me, is that they "disposed of" presumably meaning destroyed, the parcel after 7 days. I am now pursuing the retailer for a refund or replacement. If I have to I'll refer it to Amazon, and, if that fails, the "Small Claims Court" (Money Claim Online, to be accurate). Every communicationI have had from Hermes has been dismissive, rude, arrogant and apart from the last one, untrue. If you pay money to a retailer who uses Hermes you are likely to lose it, as other people have found, so it is well worth making sure that they do not, or buying elsewhere if they do.

It is easy say Lands End to return items to us -- Just pay £2.70 to Hermes and they collect from your door. Well my parcel has been waiting in my porch since Monday and is still there. You have to sort it out via Lands End who contact Hermes who cannot trace your transcation ----- It is still trying !

Let's be honest they're all terrible, even the companies such as DPD which are often named the best delivery company are still terrible!

We have used Hermes for some time now and they are far from great however when the likes of eBay almost forces your arm to offer free shipping beggars can't be choosers.


Until this morning I did not have a massive gripe with Hermes but then I got my phone bill:( Oh my god shame on you Hermes


15/01/2015 - 16.40.47 - 09059158217 - 00:04:47 - £17.56


You should be locked up and to add insult to injury we didn't even manage to speak to Hermes we were on hold for 4.47mins and it cost £17.56


Spoke to the phone provider and they do not control the charges they are set by the operator "Hermes"


Clearly I won't be calling Hermes to vent my frustration I would have to take out a mortgage.

Never had a problem with couriers until HERMES!


Parcel lost in transit. System shows successful delivery. When I complained they promised to investigate. I've now been proudly told the result of the investigation - the item has been delivered!


Excuse my ignorance but if it had been delivered why would I be complaining?


Mistakes happen and parcels are lost but if they are adament it is not lost how can I seek a replacement from the retailer...? Am I being accused of lying??


Both service and customer service are appalling.

why don't you use way2savemone.com they have good customer services and cheap UK parcel delivery and parcel delivery to Poland, Parcel Delivery to China, Parcel Delivery to France, Parcel Delivery to Germany, Parcel Delivery to USA www.way2savemoney.com

They dont get any better!

I had a parcel carded on the Friday and then their web site showed it as delivered on the Monday WHEN NO ONE WAS AT HOME!
Its also not always easy to claim for the loss ( £200 in my case ) because so many of these offers are from nCrowd and Living Social etc. who actually have the items supplied by another supplier.  Barchlycard will not cover this situation for example.  I am hoping that Paypal may be a little better.
The real situation is that these cleap delivery firms employ people at minimum wage and dont get strict with those who steal or leave parcels in dustbins etc.
By my experience is that Yodel are the WORST and DPD about the BEST!


I'm incredibly annoyed with Hermes at the moment. I waited in all day last week for a parcel to be collected, when I logged in at 8pm to see whether they were ever going to show up, the tracker had been updated to say they had attempted delivery at 4.20. This was clearly a gigantic lie since I live in a small flat and can hear anyone arriving before they even get to the front door. They also failed to leave a card which is supposed to be policy... The retailer re-arranged a collection for yesterday, and again I waited in, checking the tracker at regular intervals. I refreshed at 5pm and it now had the comment 'collection no longer required' - Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!! They're apparently now coming tomorrow - this was arranged by the retailed with no consultation so they're bound to finally turn up when I'm out in the afternoon. 

Just packed it in with Hermes after less than 2 weeks working for them on a self employed driver basis.
Firstly...50p per parcel delivered....worst rate in the business, lucky to make £35 a day unless you take on 2 rounds which might make you £50/£60 per day from 9am to 6pm excluding paying your own tax & NI, fuel for your own vehicle, insurance & wear n tear,
False promises on what to expect as a monthly wage... my first 12 days £475 minus £15 per day for fuel and a 9 hour day, 6 days a week - if your thinking about this.... just get a job that pays minimum wage you would be better off!
PS...... parcels will be left anywhere that there is shelter or a lid.... i did however put a card thru the door to make customer aware but at 50p a parcel not as if i was going to run back 2 or 3 times a day to see if customer was in....


My experience with Yodel in May 2015: parcel not collected, had to re-book, still not collected a week later. Their staff tell me that if a driver 'skips' a collection it does NOT automatically get included for the next day - customer has to re-book!  Also, if driver can't find you they have no obligation to call you or anyone for directions - they just skip you. And when you call the company, the various (and confusing) parts of the organization try to palm you off on the other.  How's that for service?  I insisted on a full refund and used InterParcel (actually UPS) who were half the price and collected on time. I will never book Yodel again.