Ryanair revamp will drive customers away


It seems air passengers aren't buying Ryanair's pledge to improve its customer service - in fact, it's making the vast majority of them use alternative airlines, according to exclusive Moneywise research.

The Moneywise.co.uk poll reveals that, despite Ryanair's revamp, 83% of respondents are more likely to fly with the airline's rivals. Over a third (38%) said they would be more likely to fly British Airways and 27% would go for EasyJet.

However, the 17% that voted for Ryanair beats the 9% that would opt to fly with Jet2 and the 5% that would choose Flybe.

Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary would no doubt be more delighted that just 4% of Moneywise readers said they would prefer to fly with Ryanair's arch rival Aer Lingus.

At the end of last week the budget airline outlined its plans to improve "enhance" customer service by allowing people to amend their bookings for up to 24 hours and o bring a second small carry-on bag of up to 35x20x20cms at no extra cost.

It also said it will reduce the fee it charges passengers who have checked-in online but forgotten to print out their boarding pass. They will pay £15 to have their pass re-issued at the airport, down from £70.

But Moneywise.co.uk readers just aren't convinced the changes will go far enough. Commenting on the move to allow passengers 24 hours to from the time of their booking to correct any minor errors, AllyMoney wrote: "Still miserly given that there is no real cost involved to do a change for minor errors as most of it is just auto changing a database.

"Up to 24 hours prior to flight would be more like it. Smacks of wishing to still make a big charge to make changes!"

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we fly Ryanair regularly, and have done for years, cannot see what the problem is, it does exactly what it says on the tin, it gets you there cheaply and efficiently, nothing else promised. just follow the rules, they are simple. we never pay anything extra, not a penny, all charges are optional, just say no, it is simple, we save thousands of pounds this way.I often hear people complaining about them, but where are they? yes on a Ryanair flight, why? simple because it is a lot cheaper. I say to all the moaners, just use another airline, I do not like Tesco, so where do I shop, well usually Sainsburys, but not Tesco. I really cannot understand people who moan about a company then continue to use them, if you do not like them, then go elsewhere, but please stop moaning and leave us to make our own minds up, you use another, but be prepared to pay a lot more, and do not expect them to be as punctual.


I agree with your comments so don't complain about Ryanair. I doin't agree with there policies so I just go elseware without complaining. We all have a choice.

ahloughlin are you aka Michael O'Leary you sound exactly like him? 

Well, ahloughlin, I agree only in part. If I pay just a tenner I do not expect very much, perhaps civil treatment, a safe flight and those things I have contracted for - warts and all.
However, if the  company wishes to increase customer numbers they really do need to listen to grouses, and act to improve. That in itself is not a complaint but a fact of business life. I do not use them much precisely because my experience has not been good and my last flight (it was the only one available on that  particular day from a number of airlines) was not cheaper than equivalents (on other days), took longer (planned as such) than the outbound flight with another carrier, it was not cheap ( it did cost over £250) but was booked well in advance, the customer service in flight was abysmal as well as being late taking off and arriving and luggage allowance was less! So I had not paid for 'cattle class' but that is what I got.
If Mr O'Leary does not take note of such comments and is happy with his customer numbers then so be it. I will not grouse to him or complain about them.
Non of the advertised changes called "improvements" (really just more news grabbing again) will address my poor experiences of the service so I'll just continue to vote with my feet and RyanAir will still be the last resort.

The main factor in choosing an airline is that they operate a route from A to B - ie they fly to where you want to be. Unless statrting from London, it is rare to have a choiuce of operators. So usually I am stuck with EasyJet or Ryanair as cheap carriers, though occasionally there is another, and don't forget the big carriers can also be cheap too - so don't forget to check.
I agree with others that optional charges are OK as long as they are known abou and are truly optional. 
I hate hidden and unnecessary charges, and sleight of hand, for example:

  • Correcting spelling of a name means rebooking or huge fee - so Ryanair's new policy of allowing changes within 2h is simple and a good idea. Well done and thank you!
  • EasyJet charge £20 or whatever for a second hold bag. But they manage to hide that you do not get any increase in total weight allowed - you still get 20kg total, and will waste 4kg on the weigth of the 2nd bag itself!

I agree wholeheartedly with your comment. I take 6 return flights a year and like you I say no to all the extra options . Having read some of the replies to your post, I say to them stop whingeing and fly with another airline and leave me to have a peaceful flight with Ryanair!!

no I have no links with Michael or the company, just a happy regular flyer, It just irritates me listening to people moaning about them when they do exactly what is says on the tin, and they always arrive promptly, a pleasant flight, cheap prices, all upfront and clear. I repeat, if you do not like them stop moaning and just use another, leave us alone to enjoy the service.

Ryanair customer service is not to blame, it is Ryanair policy. Anyone may get a hold of your details and steal your flight. Ryanair could not careless and do nothing to protect their clients. 

how can anyone steal a flight?, passport has to be shown and is compared to name on boarding card.

As I spend half my time in Spain I am a regulier flier with Ryanair; about 6 return flights a year for the last 7 years as they are the only carrier that do my preferred airports. If you book well in advance their prices are excellent and invariably the flights have been on time so no complaints.
I have always thought however that Ryanair are petty for no good reason, like not allowing women's handbags that can so easily fit under a seat. I welcome their allowing a second item of hand luggage but unfortunately not big enough for my laptop. OK for a camera though which can be bulky in a small suitcase.
Booking can be a pain as well because of all the NO's you have to enter (intead of just one NO with Easyjet). Again somewhat petty and shows Ryanair up for putting greed before client convenience, but not a huge issue. If O'leary is happy to make Ryanair a laughing stock of the airline business then that's up to him, as long as he keeps the fares low.

If you want a good laugh at Ryan Air's expense go to You tube and type in ( Fascinating Aida + Cheap Flights  )  its hilarious!