Ryanair to improve customer service

Airline check-in

Budget airline Ryanair is to improve its customer service, with a range of "enhancements" including allowing people to amend their bookings for up to 24 hours and added cabin baggage allowances.

After taking on board customer feedback via an online survey, the firm said it was introducing a range of improvements over the next six months. They include:

  • Customers who book via Ryanair.com will now have 24 hours to from the time of their booking to "correct any minor errors", such as spelling, names, routings.
  • From 1 November, Ryanair will operate "quiet flights", prior to 8am in the mornings and after 9pm in the evenings. The airline stated: "During these quiet flight periods no PA's will be made on board other than required safety announcements. Ryanair will also dim the lights during these quiet flights so that any customers who wish to snooze, can comfortably do so."
  • From 1 December, Ryanair will allow passengers to bring a 2nd small carry-on bag of up to 35x20x20cms.
  • Passengers who have checked-in online but forgotten to print out their boarding pass, will now pay £15 to have their pass re-issued at the airport, down from £70. However, those who haven't checked in online will continue to pay the £70 charge.
  • The airline is also reducing its fees for checking bags in. From 1 January, it drops from £60 to £30 at the bag drop desk, and from £60 to £50 at the boarding gate.

Ryanair's Michael O'Leary said: "We are very excited at these significant improvements. We are actively listening and responding to our customers so that they can continue to expect low fares and on-time flights on Ryanair. We hope that our passengers will enjoy these service improvements, while still enjoying Ryanair's low fares and on-time flights."

Your Comments

RyanAir certainly need to improve customer service! This is based upon personal experience.
However much of what is happening is just  to get RyanAir in the news and as you have published, it seems to be working. Same old ploy by the carrier.
"24 hours to from the time of their booking to "correct any minor errors" " - still miserly  given that there is no real cost involved to do a change for minor errors as most of it is just auto changing a database. Up to 24 hours prior to flight would be more like it. Smacks of wishing to still make a big charge to make changes!!
"quiet flights" just a gimmick.
Online check in changes - still just a money spinning idea as often you still have to go to a desk and queue for bag drop for other than short flights with no baggage.
"reducing its fees for checking bags in" at least something in the right direction  bringing it closer to the competition.
I thought my bad memories of RyanAir customer service were perhaps unjustified but a recent flight proved that incorrect. I flew to Greece on Easyjet and returned home by Ryanair. EJ was OK but RyanAir's service was very poor by comparison (and at greater cost!) and non of it will be addressed by the changes.
Staff were surly, complaining about a lack of break, short tempered, poor at explaining a seating mix up to some  passengers with booked seats who needed support, very slow to resolve and oblivious to the clear emotional concerns of the said passengers. Result everyone and the flight delayed and several disenchanted pasengers. It took about 1 hour for the drinks/snaks trolley to get to us and some passengers were then suffering. Seemed to be totally disorganised. No doubt the staff reflected their own treatment as employees. Not only that the planned and actual flight time was longer than EJ for exactly the same route.
So much for punctuality, low fares and improving customer service claims. Mr O'Leary has said that customer feedback will not change staff training.
So, no substantive change to be expected. I'll still vote with my feet.