Argos takes on Tesco with a £99 tablet

Argos tablet

In a direct challenge to Tesco's £119 Hudl tablet computer, Argos has launched its own budget version - the £99.99 MyTablet computer.

The 7-inch tablet runs exactly the same software as the Hudl, but has a lower resolution screen and a smaller memory (8GB compared to Hudl's 16GB). It also has a five-hour battery life compared to Hudl's nine hours.

However, the MyTablet has a slightly more powerful processor, meaning it could offer users a marginally faster experience than the Hudl.

Like the Hudl, MyTablet uses the Android operating system, giving users access to the Google Play store, where they can downloads millions of apps – although it comes pre-loaded with the likes of the BBC iPlayer, Facebook and Twitter apps, as well as free games such as Angry Birds.

Tablet computers are expected to soar this Christmas, with up to 8m tablets sold between now and the new year.

Argos, which sold one million tablets last Christmas, clearly hopes to steal market share from Tesco, which looked to have secured the budget end of the tablet market with the launch of Hudl.

John Walden, managing director of Argos, said: "Millions of people bought a tablet last year but there's still around 75% of the UK population who do not yet own one. We know that tablets will feature heavily on Christmas lists again this year.

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Customers have never had such a good quality tablet at such an affordable price. In addition to being a fantastic gift, MyTablet is a great Christmas shopping tool. Currently around 15% of Argos sales are via mobile devices including tablets."

The MyTablet, naturally, comes pre-loaded with the Argos shopping app. It's available online at or in stores from 16 October.

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Not indicated version of installed Android OS of Argos tablet.
Anyone know?

What is the processor speed on both?

The TESCO offering is far superior to the Argos for a mere £20 extra quite apart from the display, memory, battery life etc. The processor comment is incorrect in that Argos’s MyTablet is powered by a dual-core 1.6 GHz processor, contrasted against Tesco’s Hudl tablet device that has quad-core 1.5 GHz processor in comparison. This in actuality means that the Hudl device has a superior processor and will make the Hudl a faster machine when it comes to using the device.
Moreover, the TESCO Hudl camera outclasses the ARGOS MyTablet on every level. The MyTablet has a rear camera that is 2-megapixels, with the front camera merely having 0.3-megapixels. This is woeful in comparison to the 3-megapixel autofocus rear camera and the 2-megapixel fixed focus front camera on the Hudl.