Britain's top 25 money-saving tips


Britons love a bargain and the sense of satisfaction that comes with saving ourselves a few quid. But are you secretly savvy or do you like to share the wealth?

Fortunately, most seem to be the generous type, with 70% of us happy to share money-saving tactics with friends and family, while 27% admit to keeping their vouchers and other money-saving tips to themselves, a survey by GoCompare has found.

The research also revealed that women are savvier than men as 97% of women actively use money-saving tips, compared with 94% of men.

From the survey finding, GoCompare has compiled the following list of Britain's top 25 money-saving tips, which it says can save us all £530 a year on average.

Is your best money-saving tip listed? If not, share it in the comment box at the end of the article.

Top 25 money-saving tips

1. Use vouchers, coupons, money-off apps to get discounts

2. Take a packed lunch to work

3. Shop around for insurance

4. Turn the thermostat down to reduce heating bills

5. Use loyalty and cashback schemes

6. Cut down on takeaway meals 

7. Do more home cooking and batch cooking

8. Keep a coin jar and save change

9. Take your own treats to the cinema

10. Plan meals, make a shopping list and stick to it

11. Cut out takeaway coffee/coffee shop treats

12. Don't impulse buy - sleep on it

13. Switch energy supplier

14. Buy second-hand instead of new, use sites like eBay or Freecycle

15. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach

16. Draw up a budget and stick to it

17. Don't use a tumble dryer

18. Review your satellite or cable subscription or cancel it altogether

19. Switch to a cheaper supermarket

20. Leave the car at home and walk or use public transport

21. Review your mobile phone contract or come off a contract altogether

22. Cut up your credit cards

23. Transfer all credit card debt to a 0% card

24. Review your gym membership or cancel it and train outdoors

25. Only use cash - not cards.

Your Comments

When there is a special offer on at the supermarket BOGOFF or half price items, always stock up on them. We have several large packs of toilet rolls they will always get used. Dishwasher tablets at half price, go on a water meter it has saved us £100,s of pounds a year.
Closed serviced bank accounts that we had to pay for, we never used their services and went onto higher interest accounts, saving us £50 a month. Renegotiate every renewal when due, cancelled delivered papers saving £30 a month, stopped doing the lottery £25 a month.
Switch off gas at night and only switch on when really have to during the day.
One large joint of meat will go for 3 days and only buy when on special offer price, I stocked up on lamb joints last year and we are still going strong, go to discount section of foods up on the day and anything that will freeze do so. We have  whole fresh kg of salmon for less than £10, that gets us 5 meals, finest chickens at half price, a silverside of beef joint at less than half price, its all good stuff and we live like kings..