BT hits customers with 6.5% price hike


BT will hike its price for home phone and broadband by up to 6.5%, more than double inflation, from January 2014.

Broadband customers will see an up to 6.5% increase on their bills, while customers on the unlimited anytime calls package will a 6.5% increase, from £5.15 to £5.48.

The new charges will see line rental rising 3.5%, from £15.45 to £15.99 per month, and the set-up fee for landline calls increase by 6.5% from 13.87p to 14.76p per call.

The price per minute of calls to UK landlines and 0870 numbers will increase from 1.11p to 1.18p per minute in the evenings, and in the daytime prices will increase from 8.41p to 8.95p per minute.

BT's answer 1571 voicemail service, which answers calls when you're away from the phone or on another call, will increase to £1.75 a month.

BT says, it will be writing to affected customers next week.

A spokesperson for BT said: "We review and revise our prices every year given the market is extremely competitive.

"Whilst some prices may go up during the year, many go down or remain the same. Our customers have seen their calls bills fall by 14% on average in the last five years as a result of us slashing the price of inclusive calls plans."

This summer saw BT enter the sports TV market, by broadcasting premiership football and rugby matches, in an attempt to compete with Sky. BT customers were able to sign up to service for free, while non-BT customers had to pay at least £12 per month.

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I do not understand why any BT customer would accept these outrageous, highly inflated call costs for calls made outside their plan. I understand many loyal and mature customers are too busy to find a new provider, or are reluctant to switch, but 15p just to connect a call is surely a wake up call to everybody, especially as connecting a call costs BT nothing. My solution: Register with immediately. It´s free, easy and takes a couple of minutes. There is no charge for being a member, no monthly charges and no charge if you don´t use it. To use it pre-dial 18185 before all your UK landline calls and you pay 5p for the call no matter how long you speak for! You can also make cheap calls to mobiles and amazingly cheap international calls, and they even inform you of the call price per minute before the call is connected! This is a no-brainer decision to make, and as a person with absolutely no connection with this call provider, I can totally vouch for them as reputable, reliable and secure.
Go on give it a try. You´ve nothing to lose and if enough people try it out, perhaps BT will get the message.

Spot on, acamlett.

Yes 18185 is the way to go. Cheap as chips and should shame BT in to their charges. Easy to enrol and great service.

I agree with acamlett. Unless you are tied go to another provider.
Eastern Electric do calls anytime for around fifteen pounds.
Also if you search. WeQ4U free 0800 calls from mobiles you can get. 0844 and other numbers free by routing through 03 numbers which is in your allowance. Android phones.
Iphones......Google it.  Again free. Hope this helps.

18185 I use for international calls to Malaysia. Landlines and mobile! Fantastic.

I don't there are connection charges for within a plan - these charges are for people that don't have a calling plan aren't they?
i am confused by the increase in Anytime calling plan from £5.15 to £5.48 though as mine has just increased from £5.15 to £7.00 on renewal.  It also states £7.00 on their website so is the £5.48 a mistake?

Re Liz210, if you have a BT calling plan including daytime calls then you will be choosing to pay BT £5.48 or £7 every month for the privilege. That´s 109 or 140 calls with 18185. Do you make that many calls to UK landlines during the day at the moment? What about when you are on holiday? What about calls to mobiles and abroad? You´ll pay BT huge amounts for those as they won´t be in your calling plan. It would be unusual for a person to be better off paying BT for a daytime calls plan rather than using 18185 during daytime hours.

What is the matter with Oftel approving such outrageous increases?  Completely ineffective!