Five top energy switching myths

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It seems five common myths and misconceptions are holding energy customers back from getting better deals, according to a survey from

One of the key untruths believed by customers is the perception they will have to arrange to move suppliers alone. Indeed, almost half of customers surveyed (46%) thought that would be the case and as a result are unwilling to switch.

A further 38% said they wouldn't switch because it was "too difficult". However, of those customers who had previously switched suppliers, 85% said they found the process easy.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at, said: "Misconceptions are standing in the way of consumers having the confidence to make the market work for them. To bridge the gap between perception and reality we need a strong education programme that lifts the lid on the myths that plague the industry and helps consumers to navigate this notoriously complex and baffling market."

Compare energy prices and switch provider
Top energy switching myths and misconceptions, according to

  • 46% of energy customers don't realise the switching process will be handled for them by the suppliers
  • 15% wrongly think they may end up paying two suppliers for their energy
  • 7% believe they will lose their energy supply during the switch
  • 6% of consumers think that their meter will be removed and replaced with one from their new supplier
  • 3% believe their garden will need to be dug up

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I decided to switch from Scottish Power to N-power some time ago as I found a better deal. However it took 8 weeks for the switch and by that time, the advantage was completely lost. Also, my friend who works with a local high st. bank told me that some people do indeed end up paying two suppliers for their energy just after the changeover. So although all this shouldn't happen, it does!!

Re Dr Cox  --  no, you won't be paying twice, unless there's a very serious error.  Gas & electric are changed over on independent timings, so you might get a gas bill from the new supplier while still paying for electric on the old.
The cost of energy used up to the changeover won't show up until you get the old suppliers final bill, some time after the changeover date -- just like the credit card shopping you did in October won't be payable until November's card statement.
Check the meter readings shown on the old & new supplier's bills -- the final reading on the old supplier's bill should be the opening reading of the new.

I just switched from Scottish Power.   Looks to be going smoothly and I have no reason to believe it will not complete easily.  I was surprised to get a phone call yesterday though, from Scottish Power, offering me a better deal.  Maybe I should have accepted it, but my main thought was "Why, knowing my SP fixed price deal was ending, did Scottish Power NOT offer me the good deal BEFORE I switched?   And I think we all already know the answer to that one!