Bank of Scotland most complained about bank in 2013

Bank of Scotland

Bank of Scotland was the most complained about financial services provider in the first six months of this year, according to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

The FOS received 61,664 complaints about the bank during the period - up 57% from the last six months of 2012 - and 80% of those complaints were upheld.

Lloyds TSB took second place with 59,753 complaints - up 31% on the previous six-month period - 86% of which were upheld.  

Barclays was the third most complained about bank with the FOS receiving 43,612 complaints and upholding 64% of them. However compared to the last six months of 2012, the number of complaints fell by -2%.  

In relation to PPI alone, the same three providers also took the same places in the top three. Bank of Scotland was also the worst offender with 57,680 complaints, followed by Lloyds with 55,972 and Barclays with 37,394 complaints.

Record complaints

Natalie Ceeney, chief executive and chief ombudsman at the FOS, said: "During the first six months of this year we sorted out a record number of complaints for people - making real progress in tackling the customer-service fallout from the mis-selling of PPI, widely accepted as the largest financial mis-selling scandal.

"Disappointingly we are still seeing cases where businesses are not following our long-standing approach to PPI, resulting in long waits and unnecessary delays for consumers.

"But, more positively, we are seeing encouraging signs from some major businesses that are starting to recognise the value of getting things right for their customers - with an increased focus on sorting out problems and concerns as quickly as possible."

Top 10 most complained about banks during 1 January to 30 June 2013

Bank of Scotland, 61,664    
Lloyds TSB Bank, 59,753    
Barclays Bank, 43,612
MBNA Europe Bank, 15,187    
HSBC Bank, 14,869
Capital One (Europe), 12,048    
Royal Bank of Scotland, 11,268    
NatWest, 11,222    
Nationwide Building Society, 8,539

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Really surprised that Nationwide was ninth as I find them the best ever building Socitety out there with brilliant products, customer service and trust.

The list is the 10 most complained about, so Nationwide being at the bottom of the list means they are best as they get least complaints!

That would be true if there were only 10 (9??) banks or building societies. There are many, many more.
So being 9th isn't really that good after all!

And who at Moneysave can't count. How can a top-ten list only have 9 entries? Not very professional!

Does the number of complaints take into consideration the number of customers? A percentage of complaints would give a clearer picture.
I noted the 5th position for HSBC. I have been with this bank some fifty years which included the Midland bank. I have always had first class service and I always rate them high in your annual awards survey.
It would be of interest if you listed the most frequent complaints.

I expect Nationwide to climb up this list, thier staff are rude, refuse to transfer callers to senior staff, have committed data fraud, fake internal and external records.  If the FSO had any real authority, they would be in a much worse position than they are at the  moment.
I will be forwarding my complaints to the police for a criminal investigation