Asda tops poll for value and quality

Supermarket shopper

Asda has been voted best UK supermarket for value and quality, according to a survey by shopping rewards App Shopitize.

As for value, 46% of supermarket shoppers said Asda was the best, with Tesco taking 26% of the poll, Morrison's 14%, Sainsbury's 8% and Waitrose came last with only 6%.

However, in the quality stakes Waitrose's fortunes reversed with 29% of shoppers placing it above its rivals. Next best was Sainsbury's with 23% of the vote, then Asda with 20%, Tesco with 17% and Morrison's finished bottom with 11%.

When the scores were combined, however, Asda came top with an overall 66% of the vote across both value and quality categories.

"Asda is way in front of its competitors when it comes to value, but it is also catching-up in the quality stakes," said Irina Pafomova, Shopitize's co-founder.

"As even though Waitrose is still predictably in the lead when it comes to quality, the gap between it and Asda is definitely narrowing. Rather surprisingly Tesco is lagging quite a long way behind."

Shopitize research also suggests that more than 70% of UK shoppers are now using smartphones in the supermarket, with comparing prices the most commonly given reason.

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Shopitize claim Asda to be the best UK Supermarket. Which Magazine however has voted Aldi as the best supermarket. So, It all depends on who is carrying out the survey and what supermarkets they survey. 

Not keen on the ASDA nearby.
Small.,not well stocked and found out of dates on shelves.
No mention of Lidl or Aldi.
Do a poll near me bet Asda comes at least 3rd. 

Rather restricted poll.
Do not understand why it did not include Aldi (Which has said it is the best supermarket), We have found the Aldi quality very good and the prices far lower than the so called major supermarkets.

I do most of my shopping at Aldi. I go to the other big supermarkets and cannot believe some of the prices they charge.

Since the Aldi store close to home opened I have seen an upsurge in the number of customers using it.  At first I just bought a few items there, but as my confidence in the quality has grown, I do most of my shopping at Aldi.  The prices for fruit and veg are always good and they produce some imaginative frozen foods.

Completely meaningless survey if it didn't include ALDI.  They are streets ahead of all the other supermarkets with respect to prices .... and their quality is also very good on most lines.  My guess is that they would be miles ahead on price alone and may even have also grabbed the top spot when quality was factored in.  They only really fall down on product range .... but that is surely an acceptable trade off.  Some of ALDI's lines are of unbeatable quality at any price .... muesli, fig biscuits, chocolate and many others.

I already knew this, Asda is the best store for value for money and my local store is great.

I am glad that Morrisons opened in Wells - their quality is on a par or better than Tesco, their offers are much better and generally their prices are lower. Also they have a decent restaurant and a petrol station, Tesco has neither.
Aldi and Lidl have good offers but their prices have been increasing lately and they are becoming less competitive.
Sainsbury's and Waitrose have the best quality but also the highest prices.

I like Aldi very much and their products are good if not excellent.  I have yet to find anything I do not like from Aldi and their olive oil recently won taste, quality and value tests against a leading "Italian" brand and Sainsbury's and Asda's own brands.   Long may Aldi prosper and it is surprising how many classes of people shop in Aldi unashamedly now!  The well-kept secret is becoming common knowledge thank goodness but still the big supermarkets take little notice I feel.

Agree with the above posters. Strange that the fastest growing supermarkets have been left out of the poll. I actually find that both ALDI and LIDLs "quality" is better than any of the traditional supermarket companies. For me quality is not just about the product, but the service. I had a service issue with ASDA this afternoon and the outcome is that I will no longer do business with them. They were given multiple opportunities to address the issue and failed. By contrast I had a small issue with Lidl. A single contact and the response was startling. RyanAir and the like sacraficed service quality for price. Not so Lidl. ASDA behaved more like RyanAir today. There was no evidence of quality whatsoever.