Could a water meter save you money?

Last updated: Jul 16th, 2013
News by Hugh Morris

With news that Ofwat, the water regulatory body, will increase the average water bill by 3.5% over the next year - adding roughly £13 a year to every household's bill – it's worth considering whether a water meter could save you money.

A water meter measures the amount of water used and that is what you are charged for, as opposed to being charged a flat rate. And households in England and Wales can have meters fitted for free.

Estimates of how much you could save each year by having one vary but it could be as much as £100.

Whether you save money depends on factors including your usage, how much you currently pay and the number of people living in your property.

Ofwat says those more likely to save with a meter are those living alone or using small amounts of water.

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Your Comments

No surprise that the water companies offer free meters! While single occupiers who don't use the hose for watering gardens will benefit in reduced charges, they and all metered house occupiers are ripped off by the water companies. The extortion which Offwat fail to grasp, works like this:
1. Avoiding significant repair activities for leakages is essential to disguise the true relative useage of water by metered vs unmetered customers.
2. Large leakage allows water suppliers to contrive a low average consumption of water to unmetered users.
3. The water useage of metered customers is accurately known, therefore by attributing an unrealistically low water consumption to unmetered customers - contrived by attributing much of their profligate and excessive use to leakage (which is why the water companies are relaxed about maintaining large leakages', geddit?), the water authorities are able to set an inflated unit charge that allows them to overcharge all of their metered customers.

I am a conservative user of water, live alone for a part of the week and yet am alleged to use at least 50% more water than an average unmetered household. I don't water my large garden but rely on collected rain and washing machine water.

My water bill is marginally less than it would be if I were unmetered. But that does not subdue my anger at the subtle rip-off by the water company. If all leakage was eliminated then the scam of relative water useage by metered and that contrived for unmetered customers would be exposed! The stupidity of Offwat in failing to grasp this scam by the water suppliers is mind-boggling and begs the question of their competence, pointlessness and high cost to the taxpayer!

In short, as more new housing developments are commissioned, the water authorities are laughing like drains all of the way to their banks!

Water meters definately save money. The unmetered way is outdated, charging according to your house rate band. Tis was used by the old water companies who were attached to the local councils.
When the water industry was privarised the  the new water Plc's should have then installed meters in all properties bringing them in line with the Gas and Electric utilities
I switched to a meter several years ago and by bills are two thirds cheaper than through my rates. The main reason is I am aware of the cost and therefore treat the commodity like I do with my other fuels.
Generally unmetered users are NOT energy efficient with water but are with Gas and Electricity!!