Which cars are targeted most by thieves?

Last updated: Mar 11th, 2013
News by Hugh Morris
Car theft

Owners of Smart cars, BMWs and Maseratis are most likely to have their cars targeted by thieves, according to new research.

Analysis of more than 700,000 claims by car insurance firm Admiral found Smart cars were the most likely to have something stolen from them, BMWs were most likely to be stolen and Maseratis were most likely to be vandalised. Bentleys came second on all three counts.

The study found top-end brands such as Porsche and Ferrari were more likely to be vandalised, while other car makes at risk of having something stolen from them included Land Rover and Peugeot.

However, when considering specific models, the Nissan Fiagro is most likely to have something stolen from it, the BMW X6 is most likely to be stolen and the Kia Soul is most likely to be vandalised.

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Bad for Bentleys

Sue Longthorn, managing director of Admiral, said: "Our research shows a real mix of makes being targeted,

however, there's particularly bad news for owners of Bentleys; it certainly suggests they are attractive to both thieves and vandals.

"Due to its retro look, the Nissan Fiagro is sure to attract attention, but it also doesn't have the same security features as more modern cars, so that could make it more attractive to smash and grab thieves."

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