Wages at lowest levels for a decade

Pay day

Brits now earn the same amount they did in 2003 after inflation has taken its toll on our wages.

Using today's prices as a constant, real wages peaked in 2009 when median gross earnings per hour were £12.25, figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal.

However, in 2012 this dropped to £11.21, broadly in line with the £11.24 hourly wage of 2003.

In decline

The ONS also points out there has been an annual average drop in real pay of nearly 3% between 2010 and 12.

In a statement, it said: "Although it is too early to be sure whether there has been a permanent change in the long-term trend, the decline in real wages has now been sustained for three consecutive years."

Full-time male employees in the private sector have seen the greatest decline in real earnings since the recession.

In 2012, their average earnings were worth less in real terms than in 2002 (which were £12.37 and £12.67 respectively).

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Who are these people on so called average wages. My own Brothers work for the catering sector in the B.I.C in Bournemouth. Their contract was toupied to private tender 7 times and they did not get a pay rise for over 6 years. They have now been toupied back to the council under BH live and last year they got a pay rise but only because their wages were then under minimum pay if they had not. So after working to make money for the council, for 30 and 36 years respectively, they are now on the huge wage of £6.19 per hour and their rotas can be chaged at verually no  notice. Are we really up for bring back slavery to the British workforce by lowering pay and removing rights that have been faught for over hundreds of years????????
I would like someone to tell me what is luxurious about spending maybe £20 on a night out with my friends one a month. And i cannot cut back on takeaways and costa coffee because i have never used them in my life. It seems to me that all these tips and advice are only for those earning more than enough anyway. The writers along with the poiticians should try some real budgeting and see if they can live on £130 per week plus a bit of tax credit. I, like millions, do this all the time. I am an expert at budgeting as i have had many years of training. I am not in debt on any of my normal bills though i have had loans. Not had a lot of choice really.
Please, tell me how it can be done better on this money and leave me some left over to save. I would love to know....