E.on to up energy prices by 8.7%


E.on has announced prices for dual energy customers will rise by 8.7% from 18 January 2013.

Customers on the electricity-only tariff will experience a 7.7% rise on average, while the average gas-only price will increase by 9.4%.

With price increases now announced by all of the UK's six major suppliers this winter, the average household will be left paying around £100 more for their energy this year. This will bring the average annual bill to a record high of £1,400, according to energy comparison site energyhelpline.com.

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"This set of industry-wide price rises could not have come at a worse time, with the UK economy still faltering and a very cold winter forecast," says Mark Todd, director of energyhelpline.com

Customers affected will be sent letters from E.on detailing the changes over the next few days.

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Eon has targetted the soft UK market to increase PROFITS.   Compared to costs in other countries UK is now paying 20-30% more than others.    Gas supplies are being slowly restricted to sources in the ex-soiet republics.    Uk gas developments were seriously impaired by excessive taxation and legislation introduced by the LABOUR government and the present government is blind to the manipulation of the UK market by the energy companies.   Gas and energy prices are a EUROPEAN DISGRACE..    If renewables are so good where are the cheap electricity sources.   The wind power is free after all.   The British are being conned big style.