Halifax offers £100 for switching accounts

Halifax is offering new customers £100 if they switch their current account to the bank.

The offer, which is available until 15 July, pays new customers £100 on the day that they start the switching process. This is in contrast to switching offers from other banks that don't pay until the switch is complete.

If you switch to the Halifax Reward Account, on top of the £100 bonus you'll also receive £5 every month that you credit £1,000 into the account.

Loyalty doesn't pay

Halifax current accounts are proving popular with customers as Britain finally wakes up to the notion of abandoning bank loyalty in favour of a better deal.

In the first three months of 2012 more than 80,000 people switched their current account to Halifax, double the number during the same period last year.

"This shows that customers are being savvier, more mobile, and are willing to change their accounts when it makes them better off," says Anthony Warrington, director of current accounts at Halifax.

Your Comments

 I'm happy with my First Direct current account, which I opened when I was still working, and have found them to be a very customer focussed bank.  However the interest rates on their savings accounts are total rubbish, 0.10% and 0.25% and even the cash ISA is only 0.25% for investments up to £2500; they advertise them as if they were paying excellent rates.  They do have a Regular Savings account which pays 8% but the amount that customers can save in this is restricted.  Recently I've been tempted to take up Santandar's 123 Current Account with its atractive interest rates and cashback on utility bills etc and with its low entry income of only £500, but having once been a Santandar customer I just couldn't face the poor customer service and terrible On-Line service again so decided against it, no doubt after twelve months they'd change it all and as a Senior Citizen I'd find it difficult to open another current account as they all seem to need at least £1000 paid in per month and my income is well below that so it seems I'm stuck as if I take my meagre savings away from First Direct they'll charge me £15 each month for the current account, sometimes you just can't win.