Post Office releases market-leading savings account

Money piles

The Post Office has released a new issue of its market-beating Online Saver account.

The account pays 3.17% interest, making it the highest-yielding instant-access internet account.

"Not only will savers benefit from a great rate of return, they will have the flexibility and reassurance of unlimited access to their money with no penalties for doing so," says Richard Norman, director of savings at Post Office.

You can open the account with as little as £1 and get instant access to your money without penalty.

But the account does include a 1.52% bonus for the first 12 months, so after that you will have to move your cash in order to get a decent interest rate.

Your Comments

No matter what the rate, avoid anything the Post Office offers like the plague!  I have been trying to close a Bond since the 30th of May and I will be lucky to get my money before 22nd June. Numerous phone calls(one lasted 56 minutes), letters from myself and them, including letters being sent to my old address to confirm change of address? Don't do it!!