Letters sent out on benefit changes

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Letters are being sent out this week explaining benefit changes to all those who may be affected, by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

This is ahead of changes in April 2013 that will see a benefit cap come into place. The amount couples and lone parents receive will be limited to £26,000 a year, or £300 a week. For single people this will rise slightly to £350 a week, or £18,000 a year.

But the changes won't apply to everyone. For example, people who qualify for Working Tax Credit will be exempt, while unemployed people, who were working for at least 12 months before they lost their job, will be given nine months before the cap sets in.

"These reforms will restore integrity and fairness to a system that is failing the very people it was supposed to help," says Lord Freud, minister for welfare reform.

"Our message is clear, from April 2013, the state will no longer pay households more than the average wage in benefits," he adds.

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I agree with what the government is trying to do, but instead of lowering the benefits to match the basic minimum wage, they should higher the minimum wage to make it more worthwhile to get even a basic job, taking into account the fact that people working wil have to pay full rent and council tax.