Morrisons slashes its petrol prices by 15p a litre

Filling up petrol

Morrisons has sparked a petrol war by cutting its prices by 15p a litre for anyone spending at least £60 in the supermarket store.

It's the biggest discount on petrol ever to be offered in the UK by a supermarket and follows on from Tesco cutting its prices by 10p a litre last month for customers spending at least £60.

The supermarket estimates that if a customer fills up their tank with £50 of petrol they will save an average of £5.

Rivals Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda would not tell us if they had similar plans but Nick Agarwal, spokesperson for Asda, says: "Discounted petrol that's dependent on buying overpriced groceries, is a fuel's paradise."

Paul Watters, spokesperson for the AA, says this is a 'dramatic' offer and has to be good news for consumers. However, he points out that this is not an overall reduction in prices but simply a short-term offer.

"These kind of deals help keep petrol retailers on their toes but we would prefer to see lower petrol prices for everyone," he adds.

The deal will last from 23 February to 4 March. Customers who receive a discount voucher will then have until 11 March to redeem this.

Richard Lancaster, Morrisons marketing director, says: "We know how tough it is for our customers. This deal will help them in these tough economic times. Nobody has ever knocked this much off a litre of fuel before. This will make a real difference for our customers."

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 It's all well and good cutting the price of petrol by 15p per litre providing you spend £60 in the store,BUT,what about people  like me who are pensioners on a fixed low income,and own a car,but can't afford to spend £60 in one shop??
Shame on you Morrisons.

I'm dubious about these offers as I have noticed with my local Tesco and morrisons pump, they are usually amongst the cheapest in the area (with the local shell) but when a 5p off or 10p off promotion comes along the price of the fuel is suddenly 3 or 4 p more expensive than the local shell. So the saving you are actually getting is 1 or 2 p a litre. Clever marketing is one thing but when the customer feels they are being misled it leads to a loss of trust. I bet that morrisons isn't the cheapest petrol pump in it's area whilst its running this promotion but somehow they manage to grab the headlines, like this one which was the desired effect for them all along! Result for Morrisons, they have got free publicity!

 This is not strictly true as it was possible to get 15p a litre off at Tesco prior ot Christmas where you had to by selected items to receive a 5p /litre discount but were able to use up to 3 vouchers together. Hence 15p/litre.

 Is there any research to confirm this cheaper fuel is the same quality as Shell etc and thus giving equivalent miles-to-the-gallon and engine protection?