Can your star sign reveal how risky you are?

Can your star sign reveal how likely you are to claim on your travel insurance policy?

According to travel insurance company Mondial Assistance, it can.

The company has conducted some research that suggests there's a direct link between the likelihood of someone claiming on their travel insurance policy and their star sign.

According to the research, Capricorns - people born between 21 December and 19 January - are most likely to make a claim on their travel insurance.

Meanwhile, Scorpios - people born between 23 October and 21 November - are the ones least likely to claim on their policies, making them the safest group of travellers.

When it comes to cost, although Capricorns are most likely to claim on their insurance, the claims they make are often small, with the cost of the claims 15.3% less than for any other star sign.

On the other hand, Taureans - people born between 21 April and 20 May - make the most expensive claims, a whopping 8.5% higher than any other sign.

A pinch of salt...

The travel insurance company says claims are directly linked to star signs. However, while research such as this should be taken with pinch of salt, it is important for anyone going abroad to have the right level of travel insurance.

"Those who take the risk and travel without insurance could face some alarming medical bills, should things go wrong. Our research and claims analysis shows that even the simplest problems can see the cost of medical treatment run into hundreds of pounds," warns Ben Smart, travel director for Mondial Assistance UK.

"Treatment for an insect bite could cost more than £300, while a headache can cost a staggering £580 to treat, and medical attention for seemingly straightforward heatstroke or a broken arm could run into thousands of pounds, potentially costing a lot more than the holiday itself," he adds.

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Anyone who knows ANYTHING about Star Charts knows that there is a whole gamut of planets and signs within a person's individual chart which make up their personality and traits and to lumps ALL Capricorns  or all Aquarians etc together is ludicrous. That is why we are all individuals. you may as well get a crystal ball and use divination for every customer!