The UK's top 10 locations to raise children

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The village of Winkleigh in Devon is the best place in the UK to bring up children, according to a study by investment mutual Family Investments.

The study of 'family friendly hotspots' was created by looking at more than 60 different sets of data. This included crime statistics, property prices, average salaries and childcare costs as well as lifestyle factors such as proximity to leisure centres, zoos, museums and green spaces.

The top 10

The top spot, Winkleigh, situated between Dartmoor and Exmoor, has an average salary of £37,566, far above the national average of £24,170. It also has one of the lowest crime rates in the UK, an average property price of £150,837 and strong education results.

Second on the list was the South Pemberton in Somerset while third was Galgate in Lancashire.

Within the top 10 spots in England and Wales were Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham, Bromley Cross in Bolton and Moor Row in Cumbria.

More than 2,400 postcodes were analysed in the survey, which used data from a range of sources including Ofsted, the Land Registry, police crime figures and population data.

Top five high and low-risk postcodes

Kate Moore, head of savings and investments for Family Investments, says: "While we recognise that not everyone can lead a village life like the lucky residents of Winkleigh, we hope the factors we've identified will help families across the country when considering a new area to live. As parents, we might research local schools or house prices, but this new report brings all these elements and a great deal more together."

Rank Place Average key stage 2 scores Crime per capita Average price for two bed property Average salary Overall hotsport score
National average    27.47 0.05 £167,695 £24,170  
1 Winkleigh, Devon 29.15 0.01 £150,837 £37,566 19.76
2 Sourth Petherton, Somerset 30 0.02 £158,823 £25,489 18.89
3 Galgate, Lancashire 30.5 0.02 £159,398 £25,749 18.86
4 Eaglescliffe, Stockton on Tees 29.62 0.03 £131,478 £26,459 18.83
5 Bromley Cross, Bolton 28.87 0.02 £140,046 £31,918 18.75
6 Shebbear, Devon 28.2 0.01 £173,254 £53,064 18.65
7 Great Ayton, North Yorks 29.97 0.03 £168,789 £30,270 18.60
8 Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands 29.64 0.02 £171,464 £31,715 18.56
9 Moor Row, Cumbria 28.4 0.03 £76,548 £19,258 18.55
10 Bromyard, Herefordshire 29.6 0.03 £142,102 £37,857  18.53


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Great to see Bromley cross in the top 5 the norths best kept secret !,,,

I grew up in Somerset and the idyllic life to bring up children is not all it is made out to be. It seems great until you realise that much of your time is spent ferrying your children about for activities etc and boy when they get to being teenagers it can be very difficult. Drugs are rife in a lot of villages as teenagers are 'bored' and later parents are catapulted into paying for driving lessons to make them mobile due to a lack of buses, followed by the cost of buying/running a car.
Idyllic maybe for the children, but not for the parents!!

I live in Bromley Cross and can definitely say it has super schools and has a great community spirit. My child plays out without me feeling worried for her safety.

Were the best state schools taken into account? I think not!!!

The average salary data for Winkleigh seems higher than expected and needs further explanation to give a true picture .I suspect it is pushed up by doctors , vets , and other well paid professions whilst the majority earn a lot less.Does anyone have an explanation?

If Galgate is the thrid best place in the UK to bring up children then it is no wonder we are in such a mess.

Winkleigh is ok - but very isolated and a long way away from any towns. And who are all these people who are earning so much money? Certainly no jobs paying that kind of money locally. I have lived in a village nearby for nearly 40 years and could not beieve that Winkleigh was chosen as the no. 1 spot in the country to live with children!

To be honest, I'm surprised Cardiff didn't feature. I find it a tremendous place to bring up children. Perhaps I'm just living in a bubble??

How about the Isle of Man?
Virtually crime free, very good GCSE and A level marks and excellent average salaries.
Guess they didn't take the offshore islands into account.

Sidmouth is the place.

By the sea, magnificent coast, walking, low crime, good schools , Colyton Grammar. Nice people.

I agree, Cardiff is a great place to raise a family. Not one Welsh place on the list.

It's all very well bringing up children in remote villages, but what about when they reach the age of about 13, and have to be carted to and from everywhere because there is one bus a week on Wednesday afternoon? Was this taken into account when they mechanically added up the points for quality of life?

To previous comment: The Isle of Man is not in the UK. There are no Isle of Man MPs at Westminster. Neither, amazingly, is it in the EU. You might as well ask why Paris wasn't included.

Correct - The island is not part of the United Kingdom, but its foreign relations and defence are the responsibility of the UK Government. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who holds the title of Lord of Mann. But let's not split hairs. . . it's wiser to post nothing than come across as a smart Alec!

Just because the first on the list is a village doesn't mean they all are. Eaglescliffe is a district in Stockton as developed as Clapham in London. I'm sure one of the reasons Eaglescliffe rated so highly is the excellent state schools and it's lack of academies. Having lots of affordable housing helps.

Money shouldn't come into the equation.  What is more important is community spirit and knowing your child can play outside safely. I moved to Wales 12 years ago and wouldn't dream of living anywhere else now. The police and councils interreact with the public to ensure any changes won't be detrimental and there are enough buses to prevent isolation.

Richmond, North Yorkshire. Good Schools, Low Crime Rate, Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales. Castle, River, Abbey, Cinema Built into Old Railway Station, wonderful walking, cycling. One of the most picturesque towns in England. Vist here and you will not want to go home!