Scots get £1,624 more public money than English

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The government is spending more on Scottish individuals than their English counterparts but still expects English taxpayers to subsidise this difference, Treasury figures reveal.

Last year the government spent £8,588 of public money on the average English person, compared to an average figure of £10,212 for the average Scot.

This is a 15% increase on the previous year and it is expected to increase further in the future.

As well as English families benefiting from less government expenditure, English families also pay approximately £420 extra a year subsidising the difference.

Scottish families benefit from no prescription fees, free eye tests, free bus travel for over-sixties and no annual tuition fees for students.

Widening gap

Conservative MPs have criticised the widening gap at a time when public funding cuts are widespread.

Gordon Henderson, representing Sittingbourne & Sheppey, says: "It is simply wrong that English taxpayers are being asked to help subsidise people living in Scotland for a range of services not available in England."

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David Mowat, representing Warrington South, says the Scottish government is right to set its own agenda, such as offering free prescriptions but disagrees that the UK government should cover this with an extra £1,624.

"This is quite wrong and will rightly cause indignation in England. Many MPs are having to defend deeply unpopular cuts. We do so on the basis that there is no alternative and that the deficit must be brought down.

"This argument looks a bit limp when the coalition is able to fritter away billions of pounds to appease vested interests north of the border," he adds.

The reason for the gap is due to a complicated method, entitled the Barnett formula, which calculated how public spending should be divided between Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

By using this formula, Scotland currently receives 10% of government money allocated for public purposes, even though only 8% of the UK population lives north of the border.

Is it fair for Scottish taxpayers to receive subsidised and free services that the English don't get? Share your thoughts and vote in our poll.

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So the few trillion pounds of Scottish oil money the English Goverments squandered over the last 30 to 40 years is relevant. If the Scots got Independence in the early seventies
we would one of the richest countries in the world but the English can't have that .

No issue with more services being offered to Scottish Taxpayers but these additional services should very definitly be funded by the Scottish Taxpayer.

This differential has been in place for many years.Scottish roads are always in mint condition, English roads rarely are.
Now cuts are being made in England, it is now longer justifiable, and the student loans (English students pay even in Scottish universities where scottish students go free are indefensible. The scots would argue we have had their oil. We should now argue that they can decide what to spend their money on, but they can no longer have more than English tas payers.

In reply to SAM82 the oil money is not Scottish nor English but belongs to Great Britain.. but that is debatable as it is outside of Territorial waters ie 12 miles so technically anyone can pump it out if they have the infrastructure to bring it ashore as Norway also has done. But do all Scots want independance? the Scotish nationlists do not seem to want to put it to the vote, maybe they wont like the outcome? The big Question is all the Money we have wasted in the EU the French only let us in when they realised we had North Sea Oil and they have been getting the Oil cheap eversince,another debate there...

I very much doubt that you have been on Scottish roads recently. As you go from south to north of UK you can see them getting narrower, bumpier and more holes.

Assuming the survey figures are correct (big assumption) - then, using these figures, the English are subsidised per person per sq mile to the tune of £3.34 million, whereas the Scots only get £0.66 million. In other words the English are subsidised 5 times more than the Scots. This is what happens when population and size of country is taken in to account - however that doesn't make such good reading down souf.

Lies, damn lies and statistics! Do with them what you will!

Then Cameron's fairness (sic!) policy needs to chnge this........all part of the big society........................I don't think.

what a lot of drivel
1 London people get more per head than Scottish people
2 Nothern Ireland has more per head than Scotland
3 The North East and North West are JUST below what is spent per head in Scotland.
This is fact, wish people would do homework first before moaning.
Scotland has a budget how they spend it is for the people of Scotland to decide through the ballot box.