Petition calls for rioters to be stripped of benefits

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More than 100,000 people have signed an e-petition calling for convicted rioters to lose benefit payments.

In fact the government website hosting the e-petition ( has received so much traffic it has temporarily crashed.

The petition, started by Stephen Mains, argues that taxpayers should not have to contribute to those "who have destroyed property stolen from their community and shown a disregard for the country that provides for them".

Now the petition has hit 100,000 it will be referred to the backbench committee of MPs.

It will then be up to the MPs to decide whether to call a debate on the subject.

Recovery plan

Several major retailers have also called on the government to put in place a recovery plan to help high street shops targeted by the rioters.

Stephen Robertson, director general of the British Retail Consortium (BRC), has written an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron calling for more help for retailers.

In it he says there should be a temporary suspension of business rates and national insurance for traders affected by the rioters and a supportive planning process for those businesses in need of repair.

"As we emerge from the crisis it is essential that the Government gives a clear signal of support to the affected communities and the retailers at their heart," he adds.

Do you think rioters should be stripped of any benefits they receive? Share your thoughts and vote in our new poll.

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It's a shame that the guy who started the petition cannot spell 'lose'.

although this is a good idea,,,what about the people who have been to court and not on benefits. No money is encouraging these people to keep on stealing,,

the solution should have been to make all offenders go on an army training programme for at least 3 months,,,this would learn them disipline and respect...maybe some of our innocent soldiers could come home to see thier families and these disrespecting people take over thier jobs.
this should be a public petition

I support the idea of the e-petition but he does need to edit the title as it currently states 'loose' and not 'lose' benefits.


Yes I do,then perhaps those who are nothing but greedy opportunists will know that THERE IS NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER FOR TREATING OTHER PEOPLE AND THEIR PROPERTY IN THIS FASHION!!


This has to stopped NOW,
What about the CIVIL RIGHTS of the rest of the Community to go about our lives and business without the fear of being terrorised,beaten and/or robbed!!

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

and make it for a whole year this would piss em off no cig money no booze money


They should be stripped of all rights and benefits

Not only should they lose their homes and benmefits, they should also lose their right to stay in the UK. We can't actually send them abroad, but we could issue them with limited passports that only allowed them to leave. That way, anyone caiugt would know that they have lost their ability to go on holiday forever, as there would be no re-admittance to the UK. And if they did leave - so much the better!

Yes i have to agree that if the rioter is claiming benefits then if found guilty then they should have these benefits withdrawn.

The rioters showed no respect for their community and caused lots of damage to businesses and property. The cost of repairing this damage has got to be paid for by someone. It is only fair that the people who caused the damage are those who should pay for it.

If they are on state benefits then they should lose all benefits to the sum of the damage they caused. They should also lose a further 10% as a punishment.

These people showed lots of greed by looting shops. It is their opinion, therefore, that they can take from others without thinking of the consequences. Now is the time for the "others" to return the favour and take from them.

Next time, hopefully, these people will realise that the pain from rioting is greater than the gain from rioting.

If they don't want to do the "time" then simple, don't do the crime!

About time the british taxpayers started to tell the goverment to get a grip on
unsocial behavior in this country.Help those who have suffered from this and others who have suufered through service to their country.

Free speech is one thing, wanton destruction is another.

Q1.Who is running the police force?
Q2.Who stopped 'Rubber Bullets' and Fire Hoses from being used on the first night?
Q3.Should rioters loose claim to human rights?

If they are on support - Halve it, .if you stop it altogether they'll' be back on the streets with nothing to loose.

Making finger signs outside the court should be a criminal offence as a direct insult to the Queen and immediate arrest follows.

And the outcome of taking Benefit payments off these yobs? They won't think about engaging in a few more riots and thieving so they can continue to survive - will they.
I appreciate that we are all outraged at the riots but this sort of knee-jerk reaction will not solve the problem.

yes they should have there benefits stopped...but will that make them commit more crime??

I agree that anyone that has been caught rioting should be stripped of their benefits. Why should the rest of us in this country contribute towards scum that have no regard for others, there livlihood and there safety. They need to be taught a lesson where they will feel it most - there pocket.

yes - stop their benefit for 8 weeks and send them on a miliary basic training course, it may teach them that the world doesn't owe them and possibly give them a new outlook on life. Bringing back National Service for the hordes of fit young men who have never worked and have no intention of working would not be such a bad idea - I know that jobs are hard to find but I run an old folks home and struggle to recruit local people. As for the deaths incurred in these riots - they must be treated as murder.

No as it only give them a reason to commit further crimes. Make them to work to pay for what the took

if you go to prison you lose benefits- as a lot of these people will be going to prison, that rather cancels out the need for this petition, as what is being requested will already happen.

if people like this lose benefits, they will just turn to crime in order to have money.

and if they don't go to prison they will get community service and curfews, which, last time i checked, are punishments, so this petition is, in my view, a very stupid uninformed idea.

yet it got 200,000 signatures............. says something about the state of this country in general really.

I agree with Amalia - no benefits = more crime. Plus what about dependent children? You cannot starve a child because they are unfortunate enough to have a useless parent, and all of these children cannot be take ito care - there isn't the room for them in the system.

Make them work off their crime. There are may people who are habitually dishoest, ad it might make them think. Those who were caught up i the momet ad behaved out of character - well, it may stop them from ever beig so stupid again.

And where do you think money for food would come from? Where would you get it from if you were - literally - starving? Just think ahead a bit before putting your name to this idiotic petition.