Supermarket pump war hots up

The UK's major supermarkets have gone to war over petrol prices, vowing to slash prices at the pumps and introduce more special offers.

Sainsbury's will offer customers 10p off every litre of fuel when they spend £60 or more in-store. The offer will run from Wednesday 29 June until Sunday 3 July and shoppers must redeem any earned vouchers in the following two weeks.
Mike Coupe, group commercial director for the supermarket, says the deal "will help alleviate some of the pressure and help reduce the weekly fuel bill".
And from today (Tuesday 28 June), Asda will cut prices by up to 2p a litre, following a 3p cut at the end of last week. In addition, the supermarket has introduced a cap on its petrol prices so that drivers will be guaranteed to never pay more than £1.327 per litre of diesel and £1.287 per litre of unleaded petrol.

"The main thing with buying petrol from Asda is that customers know they won't ever have to pay more than the cap and that they don't have to spend £30 plus on toilet roll to get an offer," Andy Peake, Asda's petrol director.
Meanwhile, Morrisons and Tesco have reduced prices at their forecourts by up to 3p per litre as of last Friday.
The price slashes have come in the wake of the International Energy Agency's announcement that it will release 60 million barrels of government-owned oil stocks in the next month to help reduce global oil prices. As a result supermarkets have been able to pass on this saving to the customers.


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About time too!

So the government have been holding back oil to force the prices up? That's how it appears to me.

Do these supermarkets, and they are as bad as each other, think their consumers are sheep or blind. I watched them, Tesco in particular, prices before the news last week was £134.99.

I fill up at a BP garage on the A45 in Northamptonshire that did drop thier price from £133.99 to £130.99 Friday 24.06.99. Tesco in Wellingborough is selling at 131.99 and Tesco in Northampton is selling at £132.99 as of todays date. They were last week selling their petrol at £134.99 befor the drop.

Supermarkets, beware your customers are aware.

Sainsbury's offer is no good for people living on their own or just two pensioners. I never spend £60.

Cameron will be rubbing his hands together, he will put up fuel prices and it won't look so bad

About time too.
I spend a lot of time in Cyprus and when the price of a barrel of oil goes down then so does the price at the petrol pump.
I don't recall this happening so often in the Uk. When it goes up, it invariably stays up.

I aint complaining about the price drop in fuel ,but I thought it took days/weeks for the price drop of crude to filter through to the pumps, at least that`s what they normally tell us,so whats different now ?

Fantastic news... All we need to do now is keep our speed down to less, or even keep it to what it should be, and we'll find even more savings, and be safer too!


Tescos prices vary from one shop to another the differnce in the southpoty area is up to 4p a litre for shops that are only 5 miles apart, wonder what their price range is accross the country.

bring back 69.9p a ltr