eBay raises sales fees

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Changes in the fee structure at eBay will see thousands of sellers forking out more money to list their items.

Private users will have to pay a flat 10% fee for any listing, excluding mobile phones, vehicles and property, sold under the website's 'Buy it Now' (fixed price) option.

Previously, sellers paid a variable charge for the fixed price option, whereas those selling through the auction had to pay a flat fee.

The fee increases will come into force on 21 July but small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs using the site will be exempt from the increasing fees.

Some fees may fall

Although for the majority of items charges will go up, for some categories there may be a fall in the fees and the rate will be capped at £40 per transaction.

Currently, each category has a different price which changes depending on how much the item sells for.

For example fees for selling a 'technology-related' product of £30-99 are 5.25%, a 'media-related' item will result in fees of 9% and in all other categories something sold for £50 – 599.99 will cost you £37.40 plus extra if it sells for more than £600.

A spokesperson from the website said the changes have been made to make the selling process more transparent.

"This will make working out the cost of selling on eBay much simpler across the board, and still very competitive compared with other marketplaces."



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So its only for making fee calculation easier is it .... nothing to do with lining ebays pockets. It's about time there was a little more competition for them. Tired of getting ripped off by them. They should spend a little time on fraudulent buyers who rule the roost ... ebay just turn a blind eye, they couldn't give a toss as long as the money keeps on rollin in.

In your example are you saying that ANY item in those categories sold for between £50.00 and £599.99 will all cost £37.50, ie a £50.00 item will still bear a charge of £37.50 - hardly fair or good value.

And what will become of their greed - an ebay clone will pop up and steal their thunder by offering better terms